Checco Zalone and Helen Mirren, the duet you don’t expect: the hilarious video La Vacinada

When he had been publicly praised by Helen Mirren in the past few months, no one would have realistically imagined actually seeing Checco Zalone share the scene with the British actress. The protagonist of The Queen, very close to Puglia, had expressed in an interview her desire to work with the actor and comic singer.

Desire that became reality thanks to the new video by Checco Zalone (at the registry office Luca Medici), which we can also see in the news: La Vacinada, Covid-themed parody song, which is paired with Herd immunity last year.

In the passage Helen Mirren plays, with great self-irony, an elderly peasant woman who has finally received the vaccine, e Checco Zalone, fresh from the nomination for a David di Donatello, is an unlikely Latin lover, who falls in love with her and tries to seduce her. It is expressed in one macaronic Spanish, and says his name is Francisco Oscar Zalon (“I’ll be your second Oscar, you only won one “ says in the video to the actress).

The third protagonist of the video is the Salento, with its spectacular views, the sun and the typical atmosphere that characterizes this area of ​​Puglia in the collective imagination.

In his small way, as well as guaranteeing a few smiles in a still difficult moment for the country, Checco Zalone it could also, perhaps unconsciously, persuade some of the more reluctant to get vaccinated.

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