Cruella, Damiano and Victoria of Maneskin among the voices of the Italian version!

Interesting news continues to come about The cruel waiting for the debut of the film with Emma Stone: the last one concerns the Italian fans, who in the dubbed version of the film will be able to recognize a couple of rather familiar voices and not really related to the world of cinema.

We are talking about Damiano David and Victoria De Angelis, respectively voice and bassist of Maneskin, the band that with Zitti and Buoni triumphed at the last Sanremo Festival and that just recently released the new album Teatro d’Ira – Vol.1.

In the film that will see Emma Stone transform into Cruella de Mon Damiano will therefore have a double cameo: the Maneskin frontman will play Jeffrey, assistant to Baroness von Hellman, but also Artie, owner of a vintage clothing store in Portobello Road, with the latter character who will also give our way to perform in the famous I Wanna Be Your Dog by the Stooges.

Victoria will play the role of one instead fashion reporter committed to follow the exploits of our Cruella on television. In short, a gift that all Maneskin fans will love! Are you curious to hear their performances in the film? Let us know in the comments! Speaking of music, in the meantime, here is the song by Florence + the Machine for Cruella.

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