Danchigai Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Danchigai Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Danchigai is one of those ecchi-comedy programs that leaves spectators speechless. The funny elements of the short-format miniseries may lift anyone’s spirits. However, due to inadequate support, the program was canceled after just 12 episodes.

Many fans are still calling for the continuation of the series, however. Kazusa Yoneda is the author and artist of the four-panel comedy manga series Danchigai in Japan.

It appeared from June 2011 to September 2021 in Manga 4-Koma Palette, a seinen manga magazine by Ichijinsha. The series was animated in 2015 and aired from July to September.

An series of anime according to the manga was directed by Hiroshi Kimura, with the animation being handled by Creators in Pack, the production by Dream Creation, and the audio being handled by Dax Production. Eriko It was in charge of character design, while Masakatsu Oomuro was in charge of the sound for the program.

The show’s four female protagonists each have a unique theme tune. Satomi Akesaka sings Early Morning, followed by Mikako Komatsu with Let a Good Day, Sora Tokui with Gently Mischief, and Sayaka Horino with Princess Durandal.

Danchigai Season 2 Release Date:

Therefore, everything suggests that Danchigai Season 2 may not see the resumption of the program. The creators of the popular series “Creators in the Pack” have delayed great shows before.

Ojisan to Marshmallow is another much awaited series that is awaiting a sequel. A new version of the Danchigai may be released by the close of 2022, however, if all goes according to plan and the developers change their minds.

Danchigai Season 2 Trailer Release:

The second season of Danchigai does not have a trailer. The trailers for prior seasons are now accessible on a verified YouTube account.

Danchigai Season 2 Cast:

Although the release of Danchigai Season 2 has not been formally confirmed, we can anticipate the same voices as in Season 1 to be behind our beloved characters. The voices accompanying the characters are listed below:

  • Atsushi Abe as Haruki Nakano
  • Satomi Akesaka as Mutsuki Nakano
  • Mikako Komatsu as Yayoi Nakano
  • Sora Tokui as Uzuki Nakano
  • Sayaka Horino as Satsuki Nakano

Danchigai Season 2 Storyline:

With the exception of his mother’s absence and the fact that he lives in an apartment alongside his four sisters, Haruki Nakano has a typical high school existence.

The eldest, Mutsuki, is prone to sleeping on his bed; Yayoi, a junior high schooler, slaps him if everything goes wrong; and last, grade school twins Uzuki & Satsuki, who adore…

After a night of studying, Haruki awakens to discover that Yayoi is still asleep and has imprisoned him. Yayoi gets aroused when the twins use this as an opportunity harass their brother. She lashes out at him, and Mutsuki makes a threat to stop them by taking away their allowances.

The twins are caught spying on them by both Haruki and Yayoi. It comes out that the two must write about their families for a school project.

When Haruki gets home, Mutsuki is dozing off in his room. When Yayoi & the twins arrive, she quickly transforms into her customary formal persona.

He laments the fact because he is the only one who she behaves carefree with when he discovers her unwinding in his room once again after her bath.

The siblings shop for food together. The twins draw customers by complimenting the store’s food samples, and Mutsuki receives a basket of complimentary food as a result.

The twins insist on purchasing a hot curry mix after expressing offense at Haruki’s remark that they would require a moderate one. They are shocked because it is delectable when they eat it, but Mutsuki admits that she had discreetly bought a mild one.

Haruki finds Satsuki awaiting him when he gets home with a manga magazine. Satsuki, according to Uzuki, does not require a clock to figure out when a television show is on.

Then Haruki is shocked when she choose to play with Uzuki instead of watching the initial episode of an animation she adores. But after seeing it multiple times on repeats, he is perplexed as to why she is still watching it.

Mutsuki offers to assist Haruki with his schoolwork when he gets home. She gets rejected by him because she is a poor teacher. He determines that Yayoi’s difficulty with multiplication is the result of helping her study for a math test.

She continues to struggle when it is time for bed. She refuses to reveal Haruki her outcomes of tests when she gets home from school the next day. They battle for a moment and then tumble, with him landing on front of her shortly before Mutsuki enters, leading to confusion.

When both of them have swimming practice, Yayoi grows envious. Haruki, Mutsuki, and she all enter an inflatable wading pool that she sets up in the center of their apartment. The twins later discover that the three of them have a cold as a result of the unusually warm swimming when they arrive home.

After reading a manga, Satsuki starts to fear that, despite appearances, she and Uzuki may not be identical twins. By demonstrating to her how like Mutsuki resembled her while she was younger, Haruki persuades her to think differently.

Then Uzuki starts to have the same thoughts, but Mutsuki persuades her by showing her a photo of their grandma. When Yayoi returns home at last, she laments the reality that she isn’t linked to any of them because of her subpar test results while they all accomplish very well.

During dinner, Uzuki starts behaving suspiciously and even switches seats with Yayoi. As soon as Haruki realizes, he starts to believe that she has somehow tampered with their meal. He discovers there is anything wrong with it after being coerced into taking a taste.

Uzuki invites him to read a work of fiction with her in his room after supper when he discovers her there. Again becoming uneasy, Haruki is turned off by her naive actions.

Satsuki draws him over after she departs to show him an anime episode that she just saw with Uzuki in which the younger sister character behaves gently and professes her sibling love to her brother before running off and saying it was a joke.

Haruki is relieved that her “prank” is so straightforward since Satsuki thinks this explains Uzuki’s peculiar behavior. The next day, Uzuki confirms Satsuki’s suspicions, and Haruki plays stupid.

In the center of the night, Haruki awakens to discover Mutsuki bending over him. After he has calmed down, Mutsuki admits that she needs his help and wants to be kissed.

After some confusion, Mutsuki explains that she has to kiss someone at school as a component of a performance for the school festival and that she wants to rehearse with Haruki beforehand. Haruki attempts valiantly to escape his predicament. Mutsuki, though, is certain that she will continue to train with him.

Just as they are ready to kiss, Haruki pulls her away and says, “They shouldn’t,” prompting Mutsuki to bolt from the room. She realizes that she misread the scripts for Snow White & Cinderella as well as the play she was meant to be playing did not have any kiss scenes as Haruki chases after her to apologize.

In the midst of the night, Yayoi discovers Haruki on the floor, weak from a cold. She reluctantly helps him back to bed after a moment. The twins make fun of Yayoi the next day for seeming less happy without Haruki, which she vehemently disputes.

When Haruki awakens later, he finds Yayoi taking care of him since she missed her after-school activities in order to be home earlier. The remainder of the family enters as she is wiping perspiration off his chest, thinking that Yayoi is kissing Haruki.

Yayoi enters Haruki’s room and demands to play a game alongside him, which at first causes Haruki anxiety since she is not usually this friendly. She has, however, passed out on his bed as he moves to choose a game they both want to play.

In response to Yayoi’s statement that she wishes to sleep in the bedroom, a terrified Haruki pulls herself to her own bed, fearing she has a fever. Before he can go, the twins bring him to the restroom and force him to watch them flush. They later claim it was a joke.

Haruki eventually enters his room, but when he does, he discovers Mutsuki asleep on his bed. Soon after, the others arrive and announce that they would all want to spend the night in his room.

Haruki discovers that his room is crowded and that he has no place to sleep as he thinks about everybody of his family & the enjoyable occasions he has had with them. They all slept in their bedrooms that night since they had seen a terrifying movie, it is revealed the following day.

Where To Watch Danchigai Season 2?

Dream Creation produced the 2015 Japanese comedy anime series Danchigai. It is a translations of Kazusa Yoneda’s manga series of the same name from Japanese. On the Manganelo website as well as other websites, you may read the Japanese manga series by Kazusa Yoneda.

On the website, you may view the Danchigai anime series, which has a Crunchyroll license. If and when it is ready, Danchigai Season 2 will likely be available to watch on the same website as Danchigai the first season.

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