Don’t Breathe 2, first official image with Stephen Lang: here is the release date

It is thanks to USA Today that we can show you the first official image of the announced and expected Don’t Breathe 2, the official sequel to Man in the Dark, directed by the co-writer of the previous chapter and de Home, Rodo Sayagues, a close associate of Faith Alvarez.

However, the actor assured that the public will be enthusiastic about the new chapter: “I’ve never finished a scene feeling like I forgot something to investigate. We really worked with the intention of achieving everything we could. It is very related to the first film, but in many ways it is also and very much a thing in itself“.

The first Don’t Breathe, Man in the Dark, came out a bit quietly but then slowly became a box-office hit and also won critical appreciation; written by Fede Alvarez himself together with Rodo Sayagues, the film was produced by Sam Raimi e Rob Tapert. Raimi had already produced in Alvarez the remake of La Casa released in 2013. The film followed three friends who broke into the home of a blind man in the hope of stealing some easy money only to find themselves in a struggle for survival as the man traps them inside and starts killing them one at a time.

Don’t Breathe 2 will be released in American cinemas on August 13, 2021. Let us know what you think in the comments at the bottom of the news.

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