Double Cross Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Double Cross Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Twin American filmmakers Howard and Christel Gibson will helm the criminal drama series “Double-Cross” in 2020. The show follows two sisters who are determined to protect the women in their community from a violent sex trafficking ring. Is the pair going to be able to keep their word, or will they give in to the criminals?

From May 21, 2020, the first episode of the six-episode series premiered in theaters. After then, the producers could not turn back because of the show’s success.

5 seasons have already broadcast since then, and Season 6 is now in production. But will it be picked up for a sixth season? Let’s look at when we can expect to see “Double Cross” Season 6 on Netflix.

The mind-boggling criminal narrative show Double Cross is returning with its fifth season, You Guys! Centers on the Cross twins, Erica (a doctor) and Eric (the head of a nightclub called “The Heights”), as they fight to protect the women in their community from a sex trafficking ring operating out of Erica’s emergency department. The twins’ shared history inspired them to seek vengeance in their own unique ways.

The identical twins must have coordinated their efforts to prevent a dangerous sex trafficking organization from setting up shop in the area.

You can expect to be on the very edge of your seats during Double Cross thanks to the stellar cast of newbies and seasoned performers. These are the most recent developments.

Double Cross Season 6 Release Date:

As expected in a crime drama, viewers have consistently shown great anticipation for new episodes. Thankfully, there has been an official announcement confirming the show’s renewal.

The producers are putting forth a lot of effort to ensure the show’s continued success. The show’s loyal audience will surely enjoy the next fifth season.

Double Cross Season 6 Trailer Release:

The Season 6 trailer for Double Cross has not yet been released. Previous season trailers may be seen on the show’s official YouTube account.

Double Cross Season 6 Cast:

  • Ashley A. Williams and Erica Cross
  • Jeff Logan. Eric Cross.
  • Jasmine Burke. Detective Candice.
  • Erica Burton, Gi.
  • Darrin Dewitt Henson Detective Ryan.
  • Lisa Renee’s Marshall Nurse Rachel.
  • Tremayne Norris. Dr. Cintron Morris
  • Gabriela Smith. Melanie Lopez.

Double Cross Season 6 Storyline:

Erica & Eric Cross are the “Wonder Twins” that opt to seize control over difficulties following an unexpected rise of sex trading in their neighborhood. The twins, haunted by their history, have developed a compelling persona as vigilante justice enforcers.

Here are three outstanding examples of the creative black local community’s commitment to telling stories that are authentic, compelling, and habit-forming on ALLBLK.

With shows like Double Cross, about vigilante twins trying to redress neighborhood wrongdoings, and A House Divided, an evening drama series, now in its fourth season, ALLBLK is quickly becoming the goal for fans wanting for unrestricted access to content and entertainment with a black focus.

Erica & Eric Cross, twins, are the protagonists of the fifth season. They’re attempting to prevent a sex trafficking network from establishing itself in the area.

Erica and Eric have to figure out how to take on the formidable leader of The Heights while also restoring law and order to the streets.

They can’t shake the ghosts of their past. Veterans like Paul Winters, Elisa Moore, & Dwayne Johnson will be joined by several new players this season.

Dr. Erica’s hospital emergency department and the surrounding streets are now under the control of a sex trafficking gang known as “The Heights.” Eric, Erica, & Eric Cross, aka “Kingpin,” have made it their goal to prevent sex trafficking in their community.

When Erica’s fiance, Dr. Lowes, is murdered, Eric helps his twin sister cover it up. While Eric is trying to find them, he & Erica commit their greatest crime by making a pact to find any and all young females in their area by any means necessary. As a way to test his hunch, Eric decides to approach Ms. Audrey, his next-door neighbor.

Robin Cross has abducted Detective Ryan’s daughter, Layla. Eric Cross has joined the hunt to find her. The latest doctor at Mercy Hospital, Tiffany Bradshaw, is on a mission to destroy Erica Cross’s life. As his evil side emerges, Nurse Brian contends with his mental condition.

DeAndre helps Robin look for Layla as she tries to make up for her past mistakes. Eric meets the beautiful waitress Keenya, who may hold the key to finding the missing girl. Layla makes a plan to escape from her abductor.

Tanya & Officer Lopez collaborate to investigate potential leads in their search for Robin Cross. No one expected Eric and Tiffany to become as close as they have. Ryan, the detective, plans to break into the auction and rescue his kidnapped daughter.

Erica and Cintron’s relationship is having trouble staying together. The relationship between Cintron and Erica is becoming tense. In order to locate Layla, Eric and Erica must enter the estate anonymously, but Robin has the same idea. When the siblings make a tremendous sacrifice for one another, everything comes full circle.

We saw the siblings’ mission to rescue local women from an uptick in sexual assaults, human trafficking, and ringing. Once they have this information, they can see that the event has completely transformed the area into a trap. Fans were overjoyed to find that the initial four editions of the program were already accessible to view.

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Both troubled by their pasts, a respected emergency room physician and her drug dealer brother go on a road of their own kind of vigilante justice.

Where To Watch Double Cross Season 6?

Watch the criminal thriller “Double Cross” on your Apple TV to see how two siblings a doctor and a drug dealer set out on a quest to combat the rising tide of sexual trafficking in their local area.

The program is also available on Amazon Prime Video for those who prefer that platform. The program is also available for streaming on Vudu and the Roku Channel.

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