Dragon Ball Super Chapter 100 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 100 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Super is a continuation of his original manga series of the same name. Toyotarou quickly jots down a sketch for the manga’s artwork.

Buu is defeated till the last chapter of the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament. Dragon Ball Super, the world’s most popular manga, is preparing to release Section 100, which will include a new version of Gas, Granolah’s greatest foe.

The Japanese manga Dragon Ball Super exploded in popularity and was universally praised upon its release. The manga comes out once a month.

As the release of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 100 draws near, readers can’t wait to dive into the next thrilling chapter of the popular manga series.

The plot has reached a turning point, and readers are on the edge of waiting to find out what happens next. The risks have never been greater than they are now as the conflict heats up.

Immediately after the conclusion of the Super Hero Arc, Dragon Ball Super reveals to viewers that the much anticipated beginning of a new epic would occur in the next episode.

Fans have been waiting patiently for a fresh original plot, and it seems like they may soon get it, since the Super Hero movie is presently being adapted into the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 100 Release Date:

Reports put the worldwide release date of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 100 on December 20, 2023, with a few exceptions on December 21.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 100 Trailer Release:

A video preview for Dragon Ball Super Volume 100 is, in fact, available.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 100 Storyline:

Goku, the unflinching Saiyan warrior, & Vegeta, the complicated ex-Saiyan prince, are only two of the series’ most recognizable characters. Piccolo, a sage warrior from Namek, guides Gohan, Goku’s mild-mannered son, who has untapped potential important to the story.

In the next chapter, as the remainder of the gang takes on Cell Max, Piccolo devises a plan to give Gohan time to launch an energy attack. Gohan is concentrating on building up his power so that he can launch a devastating strike on Cell Max.

But Cell Max convinces them into thinking Piccolo has died, making Gohan angry and setting off a massive power surge. Gohan, now stronger and more capable, deflects Cell Max’s attack with ease. In the face of unrelenting opposition, Gohan’s overwhelming strength ensures victory.

Using the Explosive Scream method, Cell Max fires a destructive energy ball toward Gohan, greatly increasing the intensity of the conflict. This monumental battle highlights Gohan’s willpower and his capacity to endure Cell Max’s relentless assaults.

To obtain the Dragon Ball Super manga, users may visit 2 website platforms: Manga Plus or Viz Media’s official site. The newest chapters of your favorite manga may be easily accessed via Manga Plus, Shueisha’s official manga site. Viz Media, which is well-known for its accurate translations and adaptations, also features Dragon Ball Super off its website.

Fans are excited for the upcoming 100th chapter of Dragon Ball Super because of the thrilling fights, surprising plot turns, and unbreakable will of their favorite characters. Readers are on the edge of their seats waiting for the next installment in the ongoing tale of the Dragon Ball Super world.

The Z warriors face up against Moro, a giant supervillain with a goat’s head who can destroy worlds by sucking their life force.

If the second installment is able to make it through all of this, then we have the Granolah the Survivor arc to look forwards to. Granolah is an intriguing figure since he is the last of his kind after the Saiyan Army exterminated them all. There will very certainly be animosity between them.

For the better part of a year, speculation and possibly leaks have surrounded Toei Animation’s plans for Dragon Ball Super series 2. Piccolo devises a plan to allow Gohan some time to charge up for an energy attack while the remainder of the team takes on Cell Max. Gohan gathers his energy for a devastating blow, hoping to strike Cell Max where the damage would do the most good.

But Cell Max tricks them into thinking Piccolo is dead, angering Gohan and setting off a metamorphosis that changes his look and aura. As a result of this boost, he is able to easily repel Cell Max’s attack. Gohan applies constant pressure in Cell Max, and in the end, his greater strength allows him to win.

After that, Cell Max uses his powerful scream method to aim the energy ball toward Gohan and do even more damage. This epic encounter highlights Gohan’s development and tenacity as he meets and defeats the unrelenting bombardment of Cell Max.

Piccolo loses his Senzu Bean as the Gammas try to combat the monster and Cell Max effortlessly dispatches them. This is what we currently are aware of the movie.

After transforming into Saiyan Man X-1 and X-2, Trunks and Goten are no match for Cell Max. Both of the young Saiyans then become Super Saiyans, allowing them to assault the monster.

Cell Max is slammed into a mountain as the war escalates with the addition of Gamma 1 & Gamma 2. But Cell Max soon evolves and conquers his foes.

The situation becomes much worse when Goten and Trunks try to fuse together and instead create Gotenks. Gohan, Piccolo, Android 18, & the Gammas must think out a way to fight Cell Max.

Where To Watch Dragon Ball Super Chapter 100?

You may read Dragon Ball chapters on VIZ’s site and on the English comics portal Manga plus.

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