Dune, Denis Villeneuve’s film will debut at the Venice Film Festival?

The Dune by Denis Villeneuve was one of the great absentees this year: the film with Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya has been postponed like many other productions due to the outbreak of the pandemic and, although a new date has already been set for the debut, it is still clear which festival will host the preview.

While Dave Bautista continues to raise expectations about Dune, therefore, rather interesting news begins to arrive also in this sense: according to some rumors, in fact, the Venice Film Festival 2021 it could be held in the presence hosting, listen, listen, the very first screening of the highly anticipated film by Denis Villeneuve.

At the moment it is just rumors: from the organization no confirmations have yet arrived official, but it is absolutely not to be excluded that, with a view to a gradual but constant recovery, Venice 2021 will finally be able to host the public and journalists in the room. What better way to welcome them back, then, than to welcome them with what they promise to be one of the event films of the next film season?

At this point we just have to hope that things go the right way: the release of Dune, meanwhile, is set for second half of this year, with still unclear power relations between the room and the streaming. Here, in the meantime, is what Stellan Skarsgard said about his Baron Harkonnen.

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