Fear Street Part 3 1666 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

The third and concluding installment of the Fear Street trilogy as well as the upcoming supernatural horror film 1666 The script was co-written by Leight Janiak, Kate Trefry, and Phil Graziadei.

The storyline is based on a series of novels by R. L. Stine with the same name that trace the beginnings of the Shadyside, Ohio, curse & witch trials.

Fear Street was turned into a movie in 2015 by Chernin Entertainment and 20th Century Studios. 2017 saw the hiring of Janiak.

Filming for the trialogue took place in Georgia from June 2020 to September 2019. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Disney’s purchase of 21st Century Fox, Chernin Entertainment will end its distribution agreement with 20th Century Studios in August 2020 and sell the rights to Netflix.

The first two movies, from 1994 to 1978, have been in theaters for the last two weeks. The movie will be made available on Netflix on July 16, 2021.

Fear Street Part 3 1666 Release Date:

You won’t have to wait long to get the answers because to the trilogy’s innovative distribution method; Fear Street Part 3: 1666 will be available on Netflix on Friday, July 16, 2023.

Fear Street Part 3 1666 Trailer Release:

Although the Part 3 trailer hasn’t yet been made available, if it follows the lead of Part 2’s trailer, it will do so on Monday, July 12. Here is the initial trailer for each of the three films.

Fear Street Part 3 1666 Cast:

  • Kiana Madeira as Sarah Fier/Deena Johnson
  • Elizabeth Scopel as Real Sarah Fier
  • Ashley Zukerman as Sheriff Nick Goode
  • Ted Sutherland as Young Nick Goode
  • Gillian Jacobs as Constance Berman/Adult Ziggy Berman
  • Sadie Sink as Young Constance Berman/Ziggy Berman
  • Olivia Welch as Samantha “Sam” Fraser/Hannah Miller
  • Benjamin Flores Jr. as Henry/Josh Johnson
  • Darrell Britt-Gibson as Martin
  • Fred Hechinger as Isaac/Simon Kalivoda
  • Julia Rehwald as Kate Schmidt/Lizzie
  • Emily Rudd as Cindy Berman/Abigail
  • McCabe Slye as Tommy Slater/Mad Thomas
  • Jordana Spiro as The Widow/Mrs. Lane
  • Jordyn DiNatale as Ruby Lane
  • Jeremy Ford as Caleb/Peter
  • Randy Havens as George Fier
  • Matthew Zuk as Elijah Goode/Mayor Will Goode
  • Lacey Camp as Grace Miller/Mrs. Fraser
  • Charlene Amoia as Beth Kimball/Rachel Thompson
  • Mark Ashworth as Jakob Berman
  • Ryan Simpkins as Alice
  • Emily Brobst as Billy Barker
  • Gracen Newton as Kid

Fear Street Part 3 1666 Storyline:

A colony experiences a frantic witch hunt in 1666 that has deadly repercussions for years to come. In 1978 and 1994, young people attempted to break the city’s curse before it had been too late.

This is what you can expect from Fear Street Part Three: 1666, including information on the plot, location, returning cast, and release date.

In the horror thriller Fear Street Part One, which served as the third and concluding installment of the Fear Street trilogy, the events of the two films from 1994 and 1978—both of which were made—were created.

The franchise, which is based on R.L. Stine’s self-titled book series, follows several Ohio teenagers as they try to comprehend and destroy the Shadyside Witch, or Sarah Fier.

In Fear Street Part One: 1994, Samantha Fraser (Olivia Scott Welch) accidently bleeds upon Sarah Fier’s bones.

The Shadyside Witch maintains her three-century reign as the number one adversary of the people by inviting undead assassins from the past.

The movie concludes with Sarah, Sam’s owner, and Deena Johnson and Josh, two teens who were victims of the 1978 Shadyside tragedy. Josh is played by Benjamin Flores Jr.

Christine ‘Ziggy’ Berman (Gillian Jacobs) recalls her time at Camp Nightwing during Fear Street Part Two: 1978 and how she managed to escape a slaughter despite being savagely attacked by one of Fier’s zombie murderers.

There were plans for Fear Street 3 in 1666, 1978, and 1994. The Shadyside Mall, which was constructed over the location of the slaughter in Camp Nightwing, is detached from Sarah Fier’s hand in the second movie.

The main characters of Fear Street 3 attempt to discover the mystery surrounding Sarah Fier. This distortion occurs after the witch has been reunited with her hand, and it causes them to unexpectedly find themselves in the year 1666.

They most likely encounter Pastor Cyrus Miller, the city’s first killer. Nick then ascribed responsibility for the killings to Tommy Slater (McCabe Slye), the Shadyside Witch. Fear Street 3 seems to be a tale of atonement for a number of individuals.

In 1994, Deena and Josh Johnson restrained Sam, Deena’s owned girlfriend, and she went to C. Bergman for assistance. Berman begins by telling about the happenings at Camp Nightwing despite his initial reluctance.

Sheila, camper from Sunnyvale, and her companions were charged with robbery on July 19, 1978, by Ziggy Berman of Shadyside.

Before Nick Goode and Kurt conduct their interview with Camp Advisors, they secure it to a tree and begin burning it.

Before being expelled from the camp, Ziggy’s elder sister Cindy and her boyfriend Tommy Slater clean the mess hall after Nurse Lane, the mother of Ruby Lane, assaults Tommy and threatens to kill her. Teenagers in Sunnyvale think that Sarah Fier, like her little girl, had been under her care.

Later, she and Tommy went to see her case, where they ran into Alice, Cindy, and Arnie, three counselors. She visited the hospital afterwards.

By plunging his hand into the stone of Satan, Fier allegedly struck a pact with the Devil that grants him perpetual life, according to Lane’s journal. A map is also included in the journal that directs you to the Fier home.

The witch finds empty graves Nurse Lane buried under the home as the party gets to the residence. A wall containing the identities of all the murderers of Shadyside and Tommy’s name engraved onto it is discovered by Alice and Cindy.

The axis murders Arnie now that Tommy is its owner. He pursues the girls, but they are able to escape by going into a cave.

Nick helps Ziggy in the camp force Sheila into the restroom and lock her up. The beginning of their connections was a kiss.

Tommy enters the camp and kills Joan, a counselor, as well as a number of campers on the shaded side.

Nick leads the campers to the mess hall before departing to look for others, and Ziggy is tasked with finding Sheila. Kurt is instructed by Nick to lead the campers to the bus & ring the bell to alert the others.

Utilizing the mark of the witch from the diary, Cindy and Alice are attempting to get off the map. When Alice touches some battered organs they discover, they experience flashbacks of all the murderers and their victims.

She makes amends between Alice and Cindy, and when Alice hurts her leg, the two attempt to hide underneath the outhouse.

Before Tommy arrives and murders Gary, Ziggy and the guidance counselor attempt to rescue Sheila and then strike her out. Nick flees and Ziggy hides, but Tommy discovers both of them. He hurts Nick, but Ziggy runs away to the chaff hall.

Alice remains behind as the bus departs, but Cindy finds a way to get inside the mess hall. Cindy steps in and kills Tommy while he is assaulting Ziggy. When Alice arrives, she claims to have located the witch’s hand.

She started to bleed and realized she was seated next to the Satanic stone, which she excavated.

When Ziggy begins to bleed on the hand suddenly, all three decide to complete the cue by joining Sarah Fier’s hands.

Several Shadyside killers come back to life as a result of the curse. Tommy rises to murder Alice, but Cindy beheads him first.

Ziggy and Cindy are pursued by the Shadyside murderers to the tree where the witch has been stacked.

They excavate, and they discover a rock that reads, “The witch lives eternally.” Cindy is aware that Ziggy is the target of the murderers.

She lays her hands on the ground and offers herself as a sacrifice. The murderers left after they murdered both of them, but Nick eventually tracked them down and used CPR to resuscitate Ziggy. Josh and Deena are aware that Christine is Ziggy for Berman.

They inform her that they have located the witch’s corpse and may now use their hands to break the spell.

Deena and Josh walk to the same tree and take their hands out; the camp has become Shadyside Mall.

Deena holds the corpse in addition to her hand as they carry it to the burial site. She is Sarah Fier in 1666 when she witnesses the vision of Deena’s nose bleeding.

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