Has Michael B. Jordan ever met his legendary namesake? The actor’s response

Thanks to films like Black Panther and series like The Wire, over the years Michael B. Jordan he has established himself as one of the most important performers of his generation. This is demonstrated by the ranking of the 25 most influential actors of the 21st century according to the New York Times and the recent rumors about a gig in the Superman reboot.

Despite this, his name continues to be overshadowed from an even more legendary figure, who remains the first one to think about just saying those words: we are naturally talking about the basketball icon Michael Jordan, and we can only imagine how many times the good actor has been confused with the legendary athlete.

At this point the question is a must: Michael B. Jordan and the near-namesake champion have ever met closely? This is what he asked the actor, who in recent days commented on the failure of the Oscar to Chadwick Boseman, host Rich Eisen, during his radio program. The answer is also visible in the news.

“No” He admitted Michael B. Jordan, even if he later said that there was actually a fleeting close encounter. “I think the moment I met him was at an All-Star event, and it was just passing by. I shook his hand and they must have been literally ten seconds. I don’t even think he knew who I was at the time. “

That on the wave of the actor’s success it is finally time for a face-to-face, from equal to equal (or almost), between i due Jordan?

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