social inequality and racism in the movie trailer

Sky has announced the arrival of American Skin, a drama directed, written and starring Nate Parker about the desperation of a father in search of justice for the death of his teenage son killed by a white policeman.

The appointment is for Monday 24 May at 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Uno and streaming on Now. Thanks to extras, the Sky loyalty program, Sky customers for more than 3 years and with Sky Cinema will be able to access the demand view first of all in the extra section.

Presented by Spike Lee at the Venice Film Festival, where he won the Filming Italy Award for Best Film in the Sconfini section, American Skin chronicles the desperate actions of Linc, an Iraq war veteran who, upon returning home, sees his 14-year-old son Kijani die before his eyes at the hands of a policeman during a road check. Deprived of a fair trial, after the acquittal in court of Mike Randall, the policeman who had shot the boy and killed him, Linc decides to take his own justice. Accompanying the viewer in the story is Jordin King, a film student determined to make a documentary about Kijiani’s death and Linc’s desire for justice. Together with his troupe Jordin will become direct witness and protagonist of the whole story, with the responsibility of making it known to the world.

Inside the news you can find the official trailer. For more insights, we leave you with 5 recent films to watch against racism.

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