Houseki No Kuni Chapter 104 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Houseki No Kuni Chapter 104 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Houseku No Kuni, an Isekai manga that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the human race is wiped out by a meteorite assault, has gained popularity recently.

Despite having a sizable readership when the manga started serializing in 2012, it has grown significantly in the last year.

Manga lovers are now continuously searching for updates as a result of the author Haruko Ichikawa’s two-year absence.

These fans are now speculating as to whether Ichikawa has announced Houseku No Kuni Chapter 104. If you’re one of those enthusiasts, be sure to get the most recent updates as soon as possible!

After learning that Phos is slowly looking for the real humanity that once lived on the planet and that is the reason why, the date of release of the forthcoming Houseki no Kuni Chapter 104 is just around the corner. It will be fascinating to see how things play out in the upcoming chapters. Fans are eagerly awaiting the publication of Houseki no Kuni Chapter 104 because of this.

We’ll discuss the series’ future narrative and what we may anticipate Phos learning in the not-too-distant future, as well as any possible spoilers and reading recommendations, along with the publication date of the next chapter.

Phos is still conversing with the monster he encountered in his previous chapter when the latest one that was published starts. He responds that he has no idea when Phos asks him if he had any ideas when he mentions that he is searching for a means to leave the location.

Alas further claims that now that it has its hands back, it is able to check to see whether Phos still has any vestiges of humanity.

Houseki No Kuni Chapter 104 Release Date:

Houseku No Kuni, also known as Land of the Lustrous & Country of Jewels, started as a serial on October 25, 2012. The manga has so far been compiled into twelve tankbon volume and was licensed by the titan of publishing Kodansha.

Additionally published by Kodansha Comics, the English paperback edition has been grouped into a comparable amount of volumes.

The next manga award is among the important honors for which a fantasy manga has been nominated. Millions of copies of Houseku No Kuni have been sold and are continuing in use as of 2023.

Houseki No Kuni Chapter 104 will be published on September 24, 2023, as the author previously said. It will be accessible on INKR in both the Japanese and English languages, and subsequently in the Monthly Afternoon magazine from Kodansha. The latter, however, has not yet received a publication date.

Houseki No Kuni Chapter 104 Trailer Release:

Yes, Thank You for Your Betrayal, The 22nd chapter has a trailer available.

Houseki No Kuni Chapter 104 Storyline:

Later in the chapter, it is also said that while the fragrance emanating from him differs somewhat from that of mankind, it is also certain that it will dissipate in due course. It asks Phos if he is concerned about the rocks when he states that he doesn’t want his presence to endanger them.

Phos claims he wishes to get rid of everything that can upset the people he cares about. Alas claims that nothing could be found in his body that may explain the cause of his suffering, however. If that’s the case, Phos explains, why isn’t he ready to destroy himself while Alas is standing by to assist him?

He acknowledges that he want to do that when Alas asks whether he wants to repeat what they did the last time. The Lunarians also think it should come out of Phos’ chest.

It replies, “This reflects that his chest contains the pure innocence inherent to the initial Phosphophylite,” when Phos inquires as to why.

At the exact same time, Alas adds that his pointless anxiety could lead to the reformation of mankind; for this reason, it thinks he should unwind and requests that he return to their home.

Alas advises them not to worry about the future while they go since everything has already come to an end, even the rocks the phosphate.

In the previous chapter, Phos resumed his conversation with the unidentified entity he had met. Phos asked the creature for help in changing out of his present form, but it said it had no ideas. Unfortunately, I decided to test whether Phos still had any traces of humanity after seeing that it had arms once again.

Alas examined Phos’ corpse, but he discovered nothing. Phos acknowledged that his recent transformation had robbed him a great deal of his humanity.

Alas continued by claiming that Phos released a scent that was unique from that of humans but would eventually fade. Phos stated he wanted to clear his home of everything that would harm his family.

Phos was concerned, but Alas was unable to identify what was hurting him. Phos questioned why he still couldn’t kill himself with Alas’ assistance.

Alas offered to help and asked whether Phos was interested in attempting it once again. Phos expressed his desire for the same outcome. There, the other Lunarians advised Alas to leave Phos’ chest alone.

Phos is seen to be the weakest creature because to his clumsiness, naivete, & lack of poison, as opposed to Cinnabar, who is even weaker than Phos yet is included in the conflict because of the latter quality.

Phos makes the decision to establish his value by creating the encyclopedia to the greatest of his abilities rather than allowing prejudice to ruin his life.

Phos concludes that a fragment of humanity is still there on Earth throughout his mission to trace the whole chronology of Earth and study the non-existent people.

Phos will continue to assemble bits of proof for his idea in Houseki No Kuni Chapter 104. The manga is at an exciting moment when the Lunarians are slowly closing in on him.

Where To Watch Houseki No Kuni Chapter 104?

You may read the forthcoming Houseki no Kuni Chapter 103 as well as all previously published chapters on INKR at the times and dates we’ve specified.

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