Thank You For Your Betrayal Chapter 22 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Thank You For Your Betrayal Chapter 22 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Imaginative romance Manhwa from Korea are unique. They have fantastic and captivating plotlines. Thank You for Your Betrayal is the most popular Korean manhwa right now.

Fans of this manhwa have been hooked on it since the beginning of it seems so promising. This is the most recent Korean manhwa to be published as the manhwa just recently started.

You’ve come to the correct site if you want to learn more about when the next manga chapter will be released. Here, we’ll go through everything we’ve discovered so far regarding this manhwa.

When Ian rejects his proposal to marry Irina, the disagreement between him and the Laker family will become worse in Thank You for Your Betrayal, 22nd chapter. Duke Ian Lancaster was well-known for being a military hero and a stoic individual who had nothing in life.

Irina first becomes interested in Ian because of his audacious declaration that he would marry the lady who captures his heart. Irina yearned for freedom from her murderous family, who were certain to put her to death after selling her off to a trivial guy like Henry. Irina wanted to make a difference in her life and avert a horrible destiny since she had been granted a second opportunity.

Unfortunately, Irina’s father or brother were oddly opposed to the marriage proposal, despite the fact that the magnificent Duke Ian was making it to the Laker personally.

Irina’s father was adamant about his opposition to Irina being wed to Ian Lancaster, but she understood why as her father’s ultimate goal was to have her killed off.

Thank You For Your Betrayal Chapter 22 Release Date:

As mentioned above, Thank You for Your Betrayal is a recent manhwa. Thanks to its intriguing plot, this manga is very popular with readers. Currently, it contains 21 chapters.

The manhwa’s next chapter, Chapter 22, will be made available shortly. The publication date for The 22nd chapter of Thank You for Your Betrayal has been announced. Yes, the Chapter 22 release date has been confirmed.

On August 31 at 12 a.m. KST, Thank You for Your Betrayal’s Chapter 22 will be made available. On August 30, the Manhwa chapter will be published in several nations. You may use KST as a reference to figure out what time the release will be in your nation.

Thank You For Your Betrayal Chapter 22 Trailer Release:

There isn’t a trailer video for Thank You for Your Betrayal, The 22nd chapter as of yet.

Thank You For Your Betrayal Chapter 22 Storyline:

There is no info online concerning the future chapter. A few weeks before the movie’s release, the spoilers are revealed. There may be some occurrences in the next chapter.

Irina gets the proclamation from the Duke of Lanchestar in chapter 4. In the proclamation, he promised to wed the woman who had stolen his night. Irina makes the decision to come over and ruin his night. She requests an expedition from Henry and seizes the opportunity to flee.

She manages to escape with the assistance of a strange stranger. The person behind the stranger will be identified in Chapter 5. It will demonstrate how Irina is able to ruin the Duke’s evening. You may learn more by reading Chapter 5.

Irina tells Henry at the beginning of the chapter that it was ridiculous. Henry and Irina continue talking for a time. Irina’s desire to the Duke surprises Henry.

After reading the king’s proclamation, she has several memories about her earlier life. She intends to take his night because she believes he is the key to paradise.

Later, Irina invites Henry along on a trip. She wants her father to remain in the dark about the excursion. Irina leaves Henry behind as they travel and makes an attempt to flee in order to ruin the Duke’s night. Unknown person lends a hand to her. Which stranger is this? Will she be successful in ruining the Duke’s night? Take a look at the next chapter.

Ian Lancaster bravely storms into the Laker’s home in the previous section of Thank You for Your Betrayal and demands Irina’s father’s hand in marriage. Irina’s father’s selected fiancé, Henry, stands up and claims that the union is unworkable since he is Irina’s fiance.

Irina’s brother joins in on Ian’s calm speculation about the issue and fiercely pushes back against Ian. Irina “steals” Ian’s first night, thus it doesn’t matter if she has a fiancé, Ian tells them, since he would marry her anyway.

Irina also shows her displeasure with her family and her lack of enthusiasm in getting married to the guy they have picked out for her. Irina’s brother takes her arm and orders her to return to her space, but she is certain that she will not wed Henry and suffer another death at his hands.

She not only stole his night, but he was additionally assaulted, so Ian informs her dad that he is getting married to her. Despite Ian’s statement, Irina’s father refuses to accept his proposal, claiming that he has taken steps for Irina and is unwilling to alter his mind.

Given that Ian Lancaster was a well-known person in the aristocratic community, it is only reasonable that he feels perplexed. In addition to being the son of the Empress, Ian had a sizable property portfolio in the Northern Region.

Duke In the midst of a monstrous invasion, Ian was a battle hero who restored triumph. Ian looks coldly at the father of Irina and inquires whether he felt the Lancasters were unsuitable for him. Ian intervenes to stop Irina’s father from dragging back to her bedroom by declaring that he can’t stay with a man who abuses her.

Where To Watch Thank You For Your Betrayal Chapter 22?

On Never Series, you may read Thank You For Your Betrayal’s whole raw scan. The subsequent Thank You for Your Betrayal chapter will be accessible on the Never Series. For more details on next chapters, stay tuned with us.

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