Hunted Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Hunted Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

You are here because you are among the individuals eagerly awaiting the release of Hunted Season 1. Korean dramas are sweeping the globe.

A terrific Korean drama is called Hunted. Simply put, everyone is anticipating its arrival on screens. In any case, here to provide all of those answers.

In the Channel 5 thriller The Hunted, Kara Tointon plays Rachel, a poor single mother who spends long hours as a cleaner to provide for her son Liam.

When Rachel secures a lucrative position working for affluent client Elliot, she is overjoyed. However, as Elliot’s conduct grows more and more domineering, Rachel looks into his history and unearths some unsettling and sinister realities.

Allen Leech, who starred in Downton Abbey, portrays the shady businessman Elliot, while Cold Feet’s John Thomson plays Geoff, Rachel’s employer.

Hunted Season 1 Release Date:

The release date, as previously stated, is August 1, 2022. The show will be released gradually. The rate at which this program would be released, in our opinion, would be two episodes each week.

But it’s clearly clear that this program will set a lot of milestones. The show’s cast is impressive, the plot is absurd and indulgent, but the most important aspect is that its authors have already produced a successful show.

Until the conclusion airs, the show will carry on. Because of all the awaiting, people are acting out, which is very reasonable. Hunted Season 1 will soon be available for viewing. It is a mini-TV series, not a really large one that will run for a very long period.

Hunted Season 1 Trailer Release:

Channel 5 hasn’t yet produced a trailer for The Hunted, so keep an eye out for it there.

Hunted Season 1 Cast:

The cast of Hunted Season 1 is engaging and perceptive. Even while we are unable to reveal the identities of every cast member, we do know most of the principal actors.

We want to make it clear that we are not giving you the whole narrative or sharing everything. These include all the verified individuals.

There are certain to be some well-known and admirable persons on this list. There might be some strange faces there as well. The actors are listed below:

  • Young-Soo Kim Soo-Jin,
  • Chae-Jung Lee Hyo-Je,
  • In-Sung Yo Soo-Jung,
  • Hyun-Min Lee Gyu-Hoe,
  • Man-Seok Yoo Soon-Woong,
  • Village Head Cha Si-Won,
  • Joo-Hyub Hwang Jaw-Yeol,
  • Doo-Man, Lee Ji-Won,
  • Yeon-Chae
  • Ho-San portrays.

We think we have covered almost all of the Hunted Season 1 cast members with this list of actors. Keep an eye out for them shortly on television.

Hunted Season 1 Storyline:

Knowing the show’s storyline beforehand makes it seem quite unbelievable. This is the reason why, even before the program has been published, people have begun to question about it.

The concept of the program is a case involving a missing that occurs during a boar hunt in a typical rural town. Anyone might be an individual in this. The secrets of the villagers are disclosed one by one as they relate to the missing person case.

In the rural community, there is a middle-aged guy named Young-Soo. Chae-Jung is his wife. Young-Soo and his companions go boar hunting in the hills one day.

The boars are poor quality. They arrive and destroy the village’s crops. Young-Soo encounters a circumstance while on mountains that he did not anticipate.

Since both of her children perished in a fire, Ok-Soon has shared a home with her grandson. Ok-Soon thinks some villagers are to blame for starting the fire. She has little faith in the locals. She was more wary of them after learning that she had Alzheimer’s disease.

The spouse of Young-Soo is Chae-Jung. She is generally a kind person, but she often loses her temper with Young-Soo. Her charisma has made her popular with the people.

On the day Young-Soo is out boar hunting, her kid goes missing, and she loses her mind. She feels simultaneously heartbroken, angry, and saddened. Hunted’s first season’s storyline seems to be rather sinister.

The Hunted centers on Rachel, a young, a single parent who lives always on the edge of destitution. She is a cleaner, so one day a businesswoman representing a wealthy customer named Elliot approaches her supervisor.

He requests that Rachel do cleaning services only for him since he often stays at the hotel where Rachel works. Rachel leaps at the offer because she can’t pass up the chance to work better hours while creating more money.

However, as time goes on, Rachel begins to notice something off about Elliot’s conduct towards her and Liam, and she begins to go into his background to find out how his early years are what led to his fixation with her and Liam.

Nine pairs of regular Australians transform into fugitives on the run as they attempt to hide from a team of some of the greatest investigators who were once from the AFP, ADF, British Intelligence, special operations, & private security. It’s the most intense game of hide and seek you’ll ever see.

The Fugitives will split the $100,000 prize money if they can reach the final removal location, vanish without a trace, and avoid detection for 21 days. The tenacious Hunters are the only thing getting in their way.

Where To Watch Hunted Season 1?

As soon as it airs, you may watch it on MBC. Soon, it will also be accessible on an OTT platform. Watch this space for further developments!

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