Rough Diamonds Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Rough Diamonds Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

A compelling new Belgian television series called Rough Diamonds immerses audiences in the intricate world of the diamond trade. It made its Netflix debut on April 21, 2023, & since then, it has gained a loyal following that is impatiently awaiting the release of a second season.

This eight-episode drama was directed by Rotem Shamir and written by Yuval Yevette. It centers on the renowned family at the center of Belgium’s diamond business and the events that follow the terrible loss of their youngest son.

The genre with the greatest popularity for binge-watching has to be crime thrillers. They not only inspire your inner investigator, but they also perfectly illustrate the adage “It is not necessarily what you believe it is.”

Routing someone you believe to be guilty until they are proved guilty may rank among the most depressing possibilities, but at least it develops character. Rough Diamonds is one of the books that will have your on the edge in your seat.

Robbie Cleiren, Ini Massez, and Kevin Janssens are the stars of the Netflix and EEn-produced program. The unconventional Jewish family in the gemstone business is examined.

Business is growing until poor choices are made, at which point sacrifices are required to save the company. What is known thus far about the forthcoming concert is as follows:

Rough Diamonds Season 2 Release Date:

We don’t currently have an official airing date for Rough Diamonds the second season since it hasn’t been renewed yet. However, because this is a live post, we’ll keep this section updated when additional details are released.

Rough Diamonds Season 2 Trailer Release:

There is no Season 2 teaser video for Rough Diamonds. The trailers for prior seasons are now accessible on a representative YouTube account.

Rough Diamonds Season 2 Cast:

The cast of Rough Diamonds’ first season comprises the following, albeit a second season is yet to be confirmed.

  • Kevin Janssens as Noah Wolfson
  • Ini Massez as Adina Glazer
  • Robbie Cleren as Eli Wolfson
  • Yona Elian as Sarah Wolfson
  • Marie Vinck as Gila Wolfson
  • Els Dottermans as Jo Smets
  • Dudu Fisher as Ezra Wolfson

Rough Diamonds Season 2 Storyline:

The exceedingly unconventional Jewish family in Antwerp famous for dealing diamonds centers the story of the television series. Antwerp is a wealthy area with a billion worthy precious treasures, and the powerful gamble there.

The family company is controlled by one of the brothers, but he makes poor and irrational financial choices that nearly bankrupt the family. Before the family company goes bankrupt, his estranged brother must come back home. The series will cover death, sadness, morning, and joy, according to the just released trailer. Disagreements will be present, which are, in our opinion, between both of the brothers or his business associates.

The first season’s events are launched when Yanki, the Wolfson family’s youngest son, commits himself.

The Wolfson Diamonds family company is rocked by Yanki’s death, and his brother Noah, who had been living apart from him, is forced to go back to Belgium.

Previously engaged to be married to Noah, who eloped before the ceremony could take place, Gila is now Yanki’s widow.

It was clear that they continued to be in love, however, and Noah had made plans to finish up his work in Antwerp so that he could go to London with Tommy, Gila, or her kids.

Gila ultimately decides to leave for New York, but circumstances keep him there until they finally coordinate to keep him there again. In the end, Gila & Noah do not become partners.

Finally, Noah unwittingly received everything he wanted and none of his own choice. He comes close to preserving the family company, but he loses the rest of his family in the process.

After betraying his mother-in-law, losing Gila, & seeing Tommy begin to embrace the Jewish Orthodoxy he had pledged to leave behind in order to avoid becoming like his father, Noah has, despite being the head of the table in some respects, turned out to be precisely what he most dreaded to be.

The events in the movie “Rough Diamonds” aren’t founded on actual occurrences. However, it is based on the genuine diamond quarter in Antwerp, Belgium, and focuses on the daily activities of a Hasidic Jewish community.

Pieter Van Huyck, the show’s producer, said that six years had passed while it was under production.

When Noah tells Smets where the gems are, the first season concludes on a cliffhanger. At her home, Smets takes Kerra into custody. If Kerra learned that Noah was responsible for her incarceration in seasons 2, we could be interested to see how she would respond and whether or not she would contact him again.

Where To Watch Rough Diamonds Season 2?

The Wolfson family, that are Belgian Hasidic Jews who have been in charge of the diamond industry for many years, is central to the narrative. However, once the youngest son commits himself, events begin to fall into place and secrets start to come to light.

The family’s conspiracies are exposed, and things go so bad that there is no turning back. The family goes to great lengths, without restraint, to maintain its hierarchal business.

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