Impossible 7, Tom Cruise “rides” a train in the first official image

After admiring two images of Ethan Hunt in action thanks to the cover of Empire Magazine dedicated to Mission: Impossible 7 by Christopher McQuarrie, here comes now the first official image of the expected film with Tom Cruise where we see the spy-action hero “to ride“a train, locomotive board.

It is one of the last scenes worked on the set of the new chapter of the saga and also seems to mention one of the most famous sequences of the franchise, the mythical one at the end of Brian De Palma’s first Mission: Impossible. Let us know what you think in the comments.

In the issue dedicated to the film previews of the summer of 2021, the actor who made so much contribution during these difficult times to the world of cinema could not be missing, and as reported on the Empire website, there will be a long interview where Cruise will speak “of his crusade to save cinema and how he managed to help movie sets move forward in the safest way around the world“.

He will also tell “how he convinced so many countries to keep them shooting Mission: Impossible, how he inspired other productions to look for similar solutions, and how he will talk about the protocols used to make sets COVID-proof“.

Finally, Cruise will discuss his “eternal passion for cinema and why he has an optimistic outlook on his future“.

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