Is Morgan Freeman actually Jimi Hendrix? Here is the crazy theory circulating on the web

There are plenty of absurd theories circulating on the web and, among many, one of the most incredible hypothesizes that Morgan Freeman is none other than Jimi Hendrix, the well-known guitarist and songwriter who passed away in 1970.

According to some, it is not in fact a coincidence that M.organ Freeman exploded as an actor a year after Hendrix’s alleged disappearance and among other things, in support of this hypothesis there is also the fact that the star de In the grip of the spider is really good at playing the guitar. In recent years, Freeman just wanted to hold an evening in honor of the famous singer-songwriter and according to the usual suspects it would have been a way to commemorate the good old days as a musician. And by the way, it is said that Hendrix himself had a short life in the army, because he would have been discovered as a spy and needless to say his undercover name was just Morgan Freeman.

Obviously this is just a crazy theory circulating on the web like the one that for example supposes that Keanu Reeves is actually immortal. Among other things, it seems that Morgan Freeman is not yet ready for retirement and that he wants to continue acting for a long time. Maybe in a few years he will reveal a little more about his past as Jimi Hendrix. Who can tell?

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