It Was Just A Contract Marriage Chapter 18 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

It Was Just A Contract Marriage Chapter 18 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Prepare to see another exciting part in this exciting comic story. People who read the book are probably excited to see what comes next for Eliza and Lezet. The marriage was only in writing.

Fans can’t wait to find out more about Chapter 18, which is coming up soon. A lot has happened in Chapter 17 so far, with Lezet killing Ugli as well as Eliza using her defense magic.

People who read this manga are really pleased with the plot. It has a lot of passion, romance, magic, mystery, suspense, and exciting action scenes. Chapter 17 definitely left us on the edge of our seats.

It’s getting really bad for Eliza, and fans can’t wait for the next story twist. This is what we know so far regarding the newest part of this comic story.

After being attacked in the last story, Eliza’s carriage crashes. Chapter 18 of It Was Just a Contract Marriage makes people want to know if Eliza is safe.

Eliza believed she was healthy, just like Andrie told her, but she wasn’t sure how. Lezet believed that Eliza was doing pretty well. He couldn’t believe that such a weak person was excited about the world.

For 10 days, the handcuffs were the only thing that hurt her. Lezet wasn’t sure how Eliza would handle Yongin since her body was already so weak.

It Was Just A Contract Marriage Chapter 18 Release Date:

On January 10, 2024, you will be able to read Chapter 18 of It Was Just A Contract Marriage online. The 11th of January 2024 is when people in Japan, Greenwich, and Korea will be ready to read it.

It Was Just A Contract Marriage Chapter 18 Trailer Release:

Yes, you can watch a clip for Chapter 18 of It Was Just A Contract Marriage.

It Was Just A Contract Marriage Chapter 18 Storyline:

Eliza told Lezet that they shouldn’t go any further because she thought someone was after them. People were after Eliza and others from all sides.

The arrows were aimed at her. Robin told everyone that they were being attacked and told them to get ready to fight back. Robin told everyone to gather around Eliza and keep her safe.

Before he left, Robin told Eliza to be careful before telling Lezet to leave. He urged Robin to get to Eliza quickly and keep her safe. Robin finally got Eliza to leave safely in her carriage. Eliza told Robin that those bullets were poisoned and would kill her.

She told him to stay away from her at all costs. Eliza thought that if the memories were correct, there was an arrow that looked like when she ran away from Arkan.

Eliza was sure of the shots from Ugil. They’re mad at those wild people. Eliza knew she was being watched, but she didn’t know what to do.

Andrey had told Eliza earlier that the magic marks on her body were simple spells for defense and attack. Andrey told her all she had to do was put her sign down and call his name.

When Eliza asked Andrey to give him his power, Lezet was shocked to see the protective spell. Ugli told Lezet that he had taken anything from him and that Elizabeth Esseika had to have told him about it.

It had to do with why the Arkan ruler chose his sister over himself. Lezet told him that it was quite hard for him to understand. Since the princess has a weak body, both Lezet and us were shocked to learn that she is sound, fit, and healthy.

Here are some important facts about Eliza and Lezet that you need to know before reading the spoilers! The surprise for everyone was that Lezet was getting worn out and wanted to stop for a while. He told them that they should all stop in the village.

On one hand, Eliza already had a bad feeling about something, so she agreed with Lezet right away. We’ll see how they were attacked out of the blue, with Eliza being the main target, as the story goes on.

The fighters must now do everything they can to safeguard the princess. It looked like darts with points were coming from everywhere, but Robin and his people were ready to protect her. They made a plan to surround her so that not a single shot could go through her.

Robin was able to get rid of Lezet after coming up with a plan with her. But before Robin got on the carriage, the princess told him that those bullets were not regular ones but weapons that were poisoned and would kill him.

As soon as Elizabeth tried to remember, she realized she had seen the same in the empire of Arkan! It looks like Ugli is returning to hurt her.

She had to cast the magic now to keep everyone safe. Since Andrey had previously informed her regarding the magic marks on her body, she was able to do it without any trouble!

Where To Watch It Was Just A Contract Marriage Chapter 18?

It was just a contract. Marriage 18 of Chapter Raw can be found on Ridibooks.

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