Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 172 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 172 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

The manga series Mercenary Enrollment, Volume 172, is from Korea. The third book in this funny Korean manhwa series has more turns and twists than a car ride on a rough road.

Get ready to jump right into a world full of crazy surprises and interesting plots that will leave you grasping for air and laughing out loud.

Mark the dates and dust up your reading glasses, because Mercenary Enlistment Chapter 172 is about to come out, and you’ll want more right away.

As the 165th part of Mercenary Enrollment is published, fans are thrown into a storm of feelings, secrets, and family bonding. The action-packed manhwa has been telling a story about Lee Jin’s past as an assassin.

Now, it takes an interesting turn by showing how Joo Hyuk Jung’s hospitalization has affected her life. In this part, the focus changes to the connection between the two brothers, showing how difficult it is to balance family life with the rough world of street fights.

We will probably learn more about the complicated history between Ijin and Number 003 in the next Mercenary Enlistment chapter, 170. The improved mercenary known as “Numbers,” 003, seems to be turning out to be the most dangerous. This is why lovers of the series are looking forward to when the next Mercenary Enlistment Chapter 170 will come out.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 172 Release Date:

Ch. 172 of the famous Manhwa Mercenary Enrollment will be out on January 20, 2024. The series has gained a lot of fans over the years.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 172 Trailer Release:

Of course, there is a teaser movie for Chapter 172 of Mercenary Enlistment.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 172 Storyline:

Mercenary Enrollment is an action-packed manhwa that takes place in the present. It usually deals with problems as they come up instead of going into great detail about the past.

But Ijin’s past with the Numbers, the group he led as an assassin, is still unclear and tense. It looks like his link to 003 is especially complex and unstable.

In later parts, flashbacks may give us more information about their old friendship as well as what went wrong. As a main character, 003’s goals and point of view could be shown in more detail.

The building’s hostility makes it seem obvious that they will fight. Major story arcs will probably be driven by where they end up as the manhwa goes on.

At the start of Chapter 169, 003 and her group of hired killers attack the Numbers’ base for no reason. 003 plans a distraction attack to hide the arrival of her secret backup forces, which throws the upgraded troops off guard.

By starting attacks against people who used to be her friends, 003 proves that she has become at odds with the Number. The shock-open attack shows how far she is ready to go to fight them.

The fact that her reserve force was revealed additionally demonstrates that 003 has a very small idea of how powerful the numbers are. She seems to be preparing to cut all ties, either out of panic or smart thinking. It’s possible that 000 wants to break up the bond between 001 as well as the regular numbers.

The suspense starts with what happens after Joo Hyuk Jung’s illness, which leaves users with questions that need answers. Jin Hyuk’s younger brother shows up briefly and is hurt.

This sets the tone for a story that will be intense and emotional. The manhwa goes into great detail about what happened that made Jung Hyuk’s situation so bad.

During a relaxed conversation about food options in Chapter 164, things take a sudden turn when Hyuk Jin’s younger brother walks in, clearly hurt.

There is a lot of stress in the air because Hyuk Jin’s worried face stands in sharp contrast to their friends’ jokes. Readers see how driven Hyuk Jin is as he presses his older brother for an answer. This breaks a secret that sets the tone for what’s to come.

At its peak, 003 is looking into the PC for a different company, which is a Confidential Military Organization (PNC). This attention is what drives him in a sneaky way.

Because of this, doubt and accusations of treason are raised, especially from 002, who is the most informed person in the meeting. So that some of the guests are excited about the upcoming stresses and how the institution will react to 003’s idea, the phase ends on an exciting note.

In order to do this, people need to stay alert and interested. As part of a fate plan that can cause problems between the characters, they have to deal with the difficult task of accepting the return of 003, who was thought to have been dead for a long time. There is a lot of feeling in this chapter, which is mostly about the outcomes of earlier choices, which are betrayal and trust.

Where To Watch Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 172?

We’ve told you when and where you can read Mercenary Enlistment, Chapter 172. It will be available on Naver Series and Naver Webtoon.

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