Jinx Chapter 38 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Jinx Chapter 38 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

The League of Legends series created by Riot Games has a character named Jinx. An animated music video titled “Get Jinxed” premiered with the October 2013 patch of the 2009 video game of the same name, marking her introduction as a playable champion.

Vi, an enforcer for the Piltover government, views Jinx as his archenemy, a crazed and impetuous criminal from Zaun. Powder is Vi’s younger sister who, after a series of catastrophes, is brought in and reared by criminal lord Silco. This backstory is explored in the Netflix animated series Arcane.

Since her debut, Jinx has become 1 of the series’ most recognizable and beloved characters. Her work in Arcane has been praised by critics.

Jaekyung, Heesung, & Kim Dan’s complicated relationship is starting to unfold. Kim Dan appears to be in for a rough ride in the next episode, as he will be at the mercy of two distinct individuals who each possess special Jinx powers.

He will have no choice except to go along with what they decide for him. This establishes the groundwork for a fascinating plot twist, as the goals and abilities of these people interact in novel ways.

Jinx Chapter 38 Release Date:

We will soon be entering Jinx Chapter 38. On Thursday, November 2nd, 2023, around 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time (ET), Jinx Chapter 38 will become accessible.

Those anticipating Chapter 38 of Jinx will like this installment of the Lezhin comic. The whole Lezhin comic, including all of the back issues, is available online.

Jinx Chapter 38 Trailer Release:

A video preview for Chapter 38 of Jinx is, in fact, available.

Jinx Chapter 38 Storyline:

Jinx 33 opened with a flashback, which was an interesting change from the regular narrative format and gave readers a new viewpoint.

We see a flashback of Jaekyung and Heesung talking freely about their Jinx while out in a bar. The bartender doesn’t seem to bat an eye at their odd exchanges, as if he’s seen it all before.

During this conversation, Heesung teases Jaekyung about how he is only in the bar because his ex-girlfriend dumped him. Jaekyung is ordering a drink when he jokingly throws his Jinx onto the bar, but Jaekyung doesn’t seem to notice.

In the midst of their playful banter, Jaekyung sips from his Coke and claims that Heesung is more impulsive than he is, always switching romantic interests whenever the mood strikes him.

Jaekyung and Heesung were talking openly about each other and each joked that one of them was acting very annoyingly. They were sipping their beverages in quiet when they were interrupted by the arrival of some new customers. Heesung, ever the optimist, viewed this as an opportunity to talk to some new people and maybe find himself a new friend.

Before leaving, Heesung casually said to Jaekyung that he was interested in hearing more from him since they were both working for the same agency.

The tension in Jinx continued to build as chapter 34 unfolded. Conversation broke out between them, temporarily disguising the impending storm.

The calm exterior cracks, and Heesung sees something startling for the first time. Previously, Kim Dan would always be the one to bring the terror, but this time around, it’s Heesung’s turn.

As before, Jaekyung is the source of conflict in this convoluted story. This chapter deftly demonstrates Jaekyung’s strategic moves, demonstrating how he ensures Kim Dan is unaware of his true intentions.

Let’s take a look back at what happened in Chapter 33 to give you a taste of the exciting events leading up to Chapter 34. Jaekyung’s inner battle, fueled by his confused emotions for Kim Dan, is revealed in a major spoiler in Chapter 33.

Despite his undying affection for the celebrity, Jaekyung finds himself in an impossible situation when he accidentally harms her. As a result of his mental anguish, he becomes mute and emotionally detached, masking his true feelings from everyone around him.

It’s no secret that mixed martial artists get hurt while competing. What happens to him from here on out will be revealed in Jinx Chapter 37.

Those that checked on him in the hospital probably had the most to do with the news getting out. Only Jaekyung’s coach, Kim Dan, and Kim himself were aware of his shoulder issue, but neither of them were keen to discuss it.

All the cliches of romantic comedies have now been exhausted in this series. The satisfying turn of events at the end caught my curiosity and kept me reading.

As the reader continues through the novel, however, the question “Will that happen anew in the next chapter?” will linger in their mind.

It’s simple to tell whether a manhwa author is playing it safe since there are a lot of them. However, just as with all of the other things, we simply do not have enough time to see how this will turn out.

Where To Watch Jinx Chapter 38?

Jinx Comis is a highly well-liked manhwa among today’s rising talents. The events in Chapter 38 of Jinx leave readers hanging, and they can’t wait for the next installment to find out what happens next.

Jinx Manhwa is available on Lezhin for any readers interested in it. You may get a wide selection of Japanese manga at Lezhin. Jinx manhwa’s back issues are also available on Lezhin.

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