Kingdom Chapter 777 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Kingdom Chapter 777 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Kingdom, by Yasuhisa Hara, is a well-known manga series in Japan. Kingdom transports readers to a fictitious portrayal of ancient China around the Warring States era.

This page provides the most up-to-date data on Kingdom Chapter 777. Reddit spoilers, raw scans, a publication date, a countdown, and internet reading locations are all part of the package. We have some exciting news to share with you, so grab a bag of popcorn.

Shin’s army and the Zhou army are gearing up for a major fight. The stakes could hardly be greater, with thousands of troops massed on both sides.

Shin has conceived of a daring plan: attack the enemy’s right flank head-on, then turn to the left and destroy their core. That’s why everyone is counting down the days before the publication of the next Kingdom Chapter 777.

Shin may take the initiative and attack the citadel at Hango if he discovers the precise spot of the Zhou headquarters, which is currently unknown.

The manga Kingdom, created by the brilliant Yasuhisa Hara, is widely considered a modern classic. The story follows Shin, a young orphan kid, as he travels around China during the chaotic Warring States period.

Shin and his loyal friend and fellow slave, Hyou, enroll in the Qin army with the goal of rising through the ranks to become a great general & bringing peace to China’s seven warring nations. Kingdom Where to Read, Raw Scan, Spoilers, & When Will Chapter 777 Be Published?

Shin’s army and the Zhou army are engaged in a massive battle. The stakes could scarcely be greater, with thousands of troops gathered on both sides.

Shin has devised a risky strategy that involves annihilating the enemy’s right flank before switching to a left-sided attack on their main army.

Kingdom Chapter 777 Release Date:

On November 18, 2023, the long-awaited publication of Kingdom Chapter 777 will occur.

Kingdom Chapter 777 Trailer Release:

A preview video for Kingdom Part 777 has been made online.

Kingdom Chapter 777 Storyline:

Gakushou and Fuuon see through Akou’s lies and understand that Riboku is really Akou’s end goal. Despite this knowledge, Akou orders his vast army to encircle the Zhou king and trap him.

Now is the time for Riboku to reach out to Futei’s team for help. Futei’s appearance on the battlefield is ignored, however, since Akou’s troops are so much larger.

Futei begs Riboku to pull back, but Riboku is set on killing Akou no matter what. He insists that Futei join him and Akou in battle. Futei’s group has incurred heavy casualties but is still fighting valiantly.

Since Riboku had already triumphed against Makou, Sou’ou and Shiryou see him as Akou’s true nemesis. Denrimi & Ousen watch as Akou continues up his daring ploy with worry.

Fuuon is confused by Futei’s strike since he is aware that Akou has lost awareness yet is still fighting fiercely. As Akou & Riboku square off, the destiny of the war lies on the result of this dreadful day of reckoning.

A flashback depicts the first time Ousen and Akou met. After defeating Akou in fight, Ousen binds him up and reveals his true motivation: the establishment of an independent state.

In the prior chapter of “Kingdom,” Shin’s army faces up against the powerful Zhou army. There are thousands of troops on both sides, and everything is on the line.

Shin has come up with a bold plan to destroy the enemy’s right flank and subsequently their core force by switching directions and striking from the left.

Still unknown is the precise site of the Zhou capital. Because of this ambiguity, Shin is free to take the lead in attacking the Hango citadel.

Shin’s elite Gyoku Hou squad stands on the outside of the fierce conflict, ready to charge in at any moment to turn the tide. Their job requires them to stay calm and make snap judgments even while the world around them explodes into pandemonium.

Meanwhile, Gakushou and Fuuon have uncovered Akou’s strategies, realizing that the legendary Zhou commander Riboku is Akou’s ultimate aim. Despite this information, Akou continues to push ahead, leading his massive army in an attempt to surround and imprison Riboku.

Futei implores Riboku to make a strategic withdrawal, but Riboku stands firm on his plan to take Akou’s head. To help him fight Akou, he commands Futei to fight beside him. Futei’s squad has taken a severe hammering but is still holding the line bravely.

Sou’ou and Shiryou saw Riboku as Akou’s actual enemy from a distance because of his previous triumph against Makou. Denrimi and Ousen watch in alarm as Akou persists with his risky plan.

Akou has lost consciousness, yet he fights strongly against Futei’s assault, leaving Fuuon befuddled. Akou and Riboku are at loggerheads, each one of them resolved to win on this violent day of reckoning that might turn the tide of battle.

Ousen and Akou’s past meeting is revisited in this scene’s flashback element. Following his victory against Akou in fight, Ousen bound him and revealed his ultimate goal: to establish his own sovereign country. Akou mocks him, saying he must be crazy, but Ousen counters that the current kingdoms are the crazy ones.

He emphasizes the irony of Akou having to fight for Qin, the people who took his country, and pledge devotion to his kingdom’s destruction in order to stay alive.

Instead, Ousen advises that Akou make a direct promise of allegiance to him. Akou disagrees, pointing out the limits of loyalty nurtured via intimidation.

Akou delivers a crushing punch to Futei as the struggle progresses, showing his unshakable support for Ousen & his resolve not to fall lightly.

Akou rallies his forces to forget about Futei and concentrate on seizing Riboku. Gakushou wants to defeat Akou single-handedly, so he advises Riboku to go while he can.

At the end of the day, Riboku decides to call for a retreat, leaving Akou and the main combat up to Gakushou. Akou declares victory and gives strict instructions to his soldiers to stop Riboku from escaping.

The next vital phase of the conflict begins when the adjutant for Ousen finds Riboku has fled, and Akou gives the order for his forces to immediately notify the Hi-Shin unit of the situation.

With the success of Akou’s approach, Riboku has been forced to retreat. As the Hi Shin troop races to join Akou’s pursuit and ensure absolute victory, the destiny of the Zhou leader and the survival of the kingdom hang in the balance.

Where To Watch Kingdom Chapter 777?

The best way to show your appreciation for the hard work of the mangaka is to read Kingdom from the original source. You may read the newest chapter, Kingdom Chapter 777, right now on the Young Jump website. Let’s offer respect where it’s due and read works from reputable publishers to show our appreciation for the authors.

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