Sakamoto Days Chapter 144 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Sakamoto Days Chapter 144 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Sakamoto Days, Part 144, is a Japanese manga serial written & drawn by Yuto Suzuki. After premiering in November 2020, viewers have been eagerly anticipating each subsequent episode. Readers of Sakamoto Days can scarcely wait for the publication of Chapter 144.

A large number of readers are keeping tabs on Reddit in anticipation of Sakamoto Days Chapter 144. Many various types of presentations, synopses, as well as raw scans of new chapter may be found on this page.

An additional spark is added when fans discuss the newest developments and speculate about what is coming next in the plot with one another on Reddit.

The compelling plot and well realized characters of the manga series Sakamoto Days have won over readers all over the globe. Here, we’ll discuss the long-awaited arrival of Sakamoto Days Part 134, speculate on what could happen, review what’s happened up to this point, and tell you where you can read it.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 144 Release Date:

Fans of Sakamoto Days, I have good news! It looks that even more fascinating situations will be included in Chapter 144, which is scheduled for publication on November 19, 2023.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 144 Trailer Release:

The 144th chapter of Sakamoto Days does have a promo video.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 144 Storyline:

In a previous episode of Sakamoto Days, we saw Sakamoto & the others smuggle Kashim back into Japan and conceal him in the store’s basement. Shin uses his abilities to try to find out more about the Slur, but Kashima is unhelpful despite his shared interest in the subject.

Once Hana arrives, they have a moment alone together; then, she summons Sakamoto, Shin, & Akame to the shop, where she declares that she will help Kashima since she is sick of being teased. Kashima is debating whether or not to seize this opportunity and go.

After Hana, thinking he is a robot, gives him a weird update throughout his body, Kashima realizes that Sakamoto & the people around her are good-hearted and simply want to assist others.

On the way backwards, an accident nearly occurs to Hana, so Kashima attempts to aid her in avoiding it; however, Sakamoto comes there just in time to rescue them.

Sakamoto thanks Kashima for his kindness and speaks highly of him as a person. Sakamoto agrees to Kashima’s proposal that he share what he knows regarding Slur in exchange for their promise to help the organization.

We should learn more about Slur and Kashima’s background story in Sakamoto Days Part 134. This will help Sakamoto & the others figure out where Slur is and whether he has ever had any kind of personality disorder.

Sakamoto’s revelation of crucial information to Nagumo was a major turning point in the storyline in the previous section of Sakamoto Days.

This information focused on Slur’s plot to kill the JAA chairman. The Order, a powerful organization within the series, weighed the risks to attendees and decided to go forward with the show nevertheless. Instead, they viewed it as a chance to finally put an end to Slur.

As a result of this decision, a high-stakes battle was put in motion, with Sakamoto planning an attack on the well guarded museum where the killing was to take place.

The rising suspense throughout the chapter had everyone on the edge in their chairs. Sakamoto and his supporters are getting ready to take action, and the tale is about to take an exciting turn.

But when Kami realizes it was completely unintentional, Shin explodes in rage. It seems like Shin is in the same predicament and unable to change it.

While Shin & Kami were arguing, Sakamoto received a call from Wu-Tang. When discussing Sura’s dual nature, Sakamoto and Wu-Tang found common ground. What the heck is this?

Despite the danger, Shin, Zhou, & Kami entered the building. He uses his ears to listen for any unusual noises at the first floor’s former assassin’s den, but he doesn’t find any. But I choose to go out on my own and learn.

Together, Shin and Zhou set out to investigate, but Zhou disappears without warning. After waiting for a while, Kami hears a peculiar noise in the futuristic assassin sector. She goes to look into it, and finds Mafuyu Seba waiting for her.

Mafuyu stomps on Kami’s neck just as she’s starting to rationalize why Slur ought to apprehend her.

Where To Watch Sakamoto Days Chapter 144?

There are a number of ways for fans to read Sakamoto Days Chapter 134. Readers may get the most recent chapter on the trusted Viz Media web page, on Shueisha’s MANGAPlus service, and on the Shonen Jump+ app. By using these mediums, readers all around the globe will be able to dive into Sakamoto Days with the same ease.

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