Learn all the details of Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel), the new character for Marvel’s Avengers


Promotional image of Kamala Khan in the game Avengers (2020)

These days, from the big announcement of the arrival Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) to the game “Marvel’s Avengers” As one of the playable characters, the Twitter account of the title has been offering new details of this powerful young woman. The other day we were already commenting on how Kamala's abilities in the game make her especially powerful in the melee, and now we continue to know more deeply the young superheroine with details such as her aspects or two of her special abilities.

Kamala begins her journey with casual clothes, a look very inspired by the iconic cover of the first comic book of “Ms. Marvel ”. In a video dedicated to this aspect, which can be seen below, we have a thorough look where we verify that it is literally taken out of the comics, including its bracelet. To also highlight your bag / backpack that has references to the rest of the heroes, such as key chains of Captain Marvel and the Avengers, or a patch of Captain America and SHIELD. Recall that at the beginning of the game we will discover that Kamala is a big fan of the Avengers, and that is why it is the one who presses the most to reunite the Avengers, completely separated after what happened on A-Day.

We didn't have to wait too long to see another aspect of Kamala, already turned into Ms. Marvel, purely inspired by the look which has on the cover of the comic “Ms. Marvel # 2 ”, which you can see again below.

In addition, by joining the rest of Avengers, Tony Stark ends up making him a suit. The game panel at the NYCC gave us a first look at the Stark costumes that each of the heroes would wear.

Expanding the details of combat modeCrystal Dynamics and Square Enix have also commented on two of Kamala's special abilities in the game. One is Assault Heroic, with which “he has the unique ability to be able to stop an enemy and even make him fly. Kamala concentrates all his energy in his right hand, creating a huge palm capable of pushing even the most formidable of enemies with amazing strength. ” The other is Embiggen, which “takes its polymorphic capacity to its limits by drastically increasing its size and strength for a short period of time. Kamala rises above the entire battlefield causing him to have a new set of attacks and abilities. ”

Kamala will receive his powers in the game after being exposed to the Earth Fog. When obtaining these in a time in which the superheroes are persecuted, for being prohibited, the young woman must flee from AIM, and ends up going to dismantled Avengers.

To all this, we already know the actress who will give life to Kamala in the game. The singer too Sandra Saad She will be in charge of capturing the movement to create the inhuman girl in the game.

We close by commenting that this weekend, there will be a playable demo of the game at PAX Austria, held from October 11 to 13.


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