look at the promo-art showing a preview of the new Bat-Mobile

A new promo-art leaked on the Reddit portal shows a new look at Bat-Mobile, the famous dark knight car that the Bruce Wayne of Robert pattinson will drive during the highly anticipated The Batman.

Previously, director Matt Reeves had said about the famous superhero car: “It took us a long time to design new Batman world designs, from costume to cave to Bat-mobile. I would say we spent almost a full year making the Bat Suit and then the Batmobile, and it was a dream. I mean, being able to create your own version of the Batmobile is great“.

As usual you can enjoy the image at the bottom of the article: what do you think? Tell us in the comments!

Recall that the new film in the Dark Knight saga was also written by Reeves, acclaimed author of Cloverfiled, Bloody Story e The War: Planet of the Apes, recruited by DC Films to develop an entire franchise based on the adventures of Robert Pattinson’s young Bruce Wayne: the saga will be disconnected from the rest of the DC Extended Universe and will be set on Earth-2. At the moment, in addition to The Batman and the prequel TV series Gotham PD in development for HBO Max, any other projects related to the franchise are unknown.

Also the story of The Batman it is kept absolutely secret, although it has been revealed that the film will be set during the second year of activity of an (almost) novice Dark Knight, with police detective James Gordon as the only ally in a Gotham City that still does not trust him. The murders of a new serial killer known as the Riddler they will turn the social fabric of the metropolis upside down, revealing a dark conspiracy that could be linked to the past of Bruce Wayne himself.

The Batman will be released in March 2022.

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