Luis Miguel, the song that was censored for scandalizing Mexican society

It transpired after several years that one of the great songs that make up the long list of hits of the famous singer Luis Miguel was censored and caused great scandal among Mexican society.

It was in 1983, when the call "Sun of Mexico"launched the theme"Make up your mind"Musical theme that caused a great scandal among Mexican society for considering it risque.

Back then the artistwho was an attractive Teen that caused a furor among the young women of the time began their musical career in our country.

The critics Regarding the lyrics, they argued that they were very strong for the young girls who went crazy when listening to the songs of the singerThe first to complain were the parents, so it even had to be modified.

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And is that the current version that we know is different from the original since it says:

We were alone, everyone left, and in my room there was light in a corner. I took off your dress, I kissed you on the mouth, but you didn't want to give me everything one more time.

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And the chorus of the song also had to suffer some changes:

Make up your mind, I know it is the first time, for me it is also new and I want it to be with you, make up your mind, do not have me like this anymore love, I cannot resist without having you, damn my luck, make up your mind

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Subsequently, the original subject of its author Honorius Blacksmith, it had to undergo some changes with the justification that it was too daring for a 13-year-old, the song is included in the third album of Luis Miguel.

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The version which was subsequently presented was the following:

We were alone, everyone left, and in my room there was hardly any light in a corner, I kissed you on the face, I kissed you on the lips, you felt fear and you looked at me without speaking.

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Make up your mind, don't hesitate any longer make up your mind, I can't resist without having you, damn my luck, make up your mind, just love make up your mind, and let's fly to distant worlds, both of us holding hands, make up your mind.

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