Mad Men Season 8: Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

It’s likely that at least one person in any given group has watched Mad Men at least twice, and that the others have at least heard of the show. It’s one of those period pieces that changed the course of history. The tale of Mad Men is one of a new company. Mad Men exaggerates the importance of the advertising industry and its role in Silicon Valley’s economy since it is set during the golden age of advertising and the beginning of mass commercialization.

It teaches how to tell an engaging tale while promoting a product—in this case, one that helps make the world a better place. The success of Mad Men was phenomenal, and the show’s popularity spread well beyond the United States. Ten years after the release of its seventh season, fans are still waiting for the eighth.

At long last, we have the most recent details on Mad Men Season 8, including when it will premiere and what will likely happen in the next episodes. If you’re a fanatic of this soap opera, you’ll find all you need to know right here.

Mad Men Season 8 Renewal Status

However, creator and showrunner Matthew Weiner decided to terminate the series after season 7 because he thought it was the proper conclusion to the plot. Most characters had, in fact, completed their story arcs. The last seasons were all about putting the characters where they wanted to be and estimating their trajectories, because Weiner had already figured out the show’s ending by the conclusion of season 4.

If Mad Men had gone until season seven, viewers would have grown tired of seeing Don Draper pursue women and never find fulfillment or an identity. Over the course of the show’s existence, Don Draper had three marriages and nineteen mistresses. There had to be development, a sea shift in the character’s outlook, before the series could conclude as it should have.

Mad Men Season 8 Release Date

Most fans are eager to know when Mad Men Season 8 will air or be made available to buy if it will really be produced. Well, the showrunners still haven’t commented on this.

The network’s signal is still not reaching us. The decision to bring back the drama with season 8 seems to have been made, and the next season should premiere sometime in 2024. All we can do now is wait, as we have been doing for some time. In addition, we will update the area if we get any new information on the upcoming eighth season.

Mad Men Cast

  • Peggy Olson played by Elisabeth Moss
  • Pete Campbel played by Vincent Kartheiser
  • Betty Draper played by January Jones
  • Joan Holloway played by Christina Hendricks
  • Roger Sterling played by John Slattery
  • Sally Beth Draper played by Kiernan Shipka
  • Kenneth “Ken” Cosgrove played by Aaron Staton
  • Harold “Harry” Crane played by Rich Sommer
  • Paul Kinsey played by Michael Gladis
  • Salvatore “Sal” Romano played by Bryan Batt
  • Bertram “Bert” Cooper played by Robert Morse
  • Rachel Katz played by Maggie Siff
  • Lane Pryce played by Jared Harris
  • Stan Rizzo played by Jay R. Ferguson
  • Henry Francis played by Christopher Stanley
  • Ted Chaough played by Kevin Rahm
  • Michael Ginsberg played by Ben Feldman

Mad Men Season 7 Ending

The main focus of the show’s last season is on nudging Don Draper in a certain direction. That’s why many have come up with explanations ranging from Don becoming DB Cooper to him accidentally falling (or intentionally leaping) out of his office window. Finally, it accomplishes something understated and characteristic of Mad Men as a whole.

After causing not just himself but pretty much everyone he’s ever come into touch with misery and suffering via his falsehoods, Don heads to a retreat in California in the series finale of Mad Men titled “Person to Person” in an attempt to reach some type of enlightenment.

While Betty is dying, she is able to do so as much as possible on her own terms, and Sally and the boys will be fine, the ending of Mad Men tries to give relatively happy conclusions for most of the other characters. Peggy decides to stay at McCann Erickson, Joan starts her own production company, Roger is happily married to Marie, and so on. Still, I can’t help but think about Don.

There’s a lot of focus on him and his loved ones in the show’s last episode, including some heartbreaking phone conversations with Sally, Betty, and Peggy. Don is later seen to be present at the same retreat, this time in all white, participating in a group meditation.

There was a hint of a grin on his face; the atmosphere is quite tranquil, and maybe he has finally achieved serenity. But then Mad Men flashes to the 1971 Coca-Cola “Hilltop” campaign, and we’re left wondering whether Don just went back to work and developed one of the most popular advertisements ever, or if he really found himself, or if it was both.

Mad Men Season 8 Storyline

Don Draper has been the show’s protagonist for all seven seasons. After the events of the seventh season, Don decided to go to California in search of personal fulfillment. He blamed himself and his problems on the liars he had influenced with his words. At the conclusion, Don is shown meditating in silence, a contented smile spreading over his face.

However, the last episode of the previous season included a magnificent Coca-Cola ad, and viewers had reason to suspect that Don was responsible for creating the commercial. If this is the case, Don can go back to doing what he does best. If there is a Season 8 of Mad Men, then we may expect to see more of Don’s work.

Mad Men Season 8 Trailer

While there isn’t any trailer for Season 8, you can watch the previous seasons’ trailers and the whole series on almost any major OTT service, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.


The premiere of Mad Men Season 8 is imminent. The good news is that questions raised in Season 7 will be addressed in Season 8. Unfortunately, there have been no recent developments that are raising the expectations of the audience.

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