When the Camellia Blooms Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

The South Korean love drama When the Camellia Blooms combines comedic and suspenseful aspects. Dong Baek, the proprietor of a bar called Camellia, finds her life profoundly altered when she meets three guys with very different personalities.

When the Camellia Blooms is a popular Korean drama on KBS, and it was written by Lim Sang-Choon and directed by Cha Yeong-hoon. Netflix has acquired the rights to distribute the show internationally. The show’s first season was a huge success. Is season 2 of “When the Camellia Blooms” in the works? First, let’s take a short look at the series’s specifics, and then we’ll go into that question.

When the Camellia Blooms Season 2 Renewal Status

Regrettably, neither Netflix nor the show’s creators have confirmed any renewal intentions for a new season. The season finale leaves little possibility for the narrative to develop further in the next installment. Nonetheless, given the show’s length, it seems like we are all in for an announcement in the near future.

When the Camellia Blooms Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of ‘When the Camellia Blooms’ started on Netflix on September 18, 2019, and it concluded on November 21, 2019. A formal announcement that Netflix has acquired exclusive rights to broadcast the series outside of South Korea was made only days before the release of season 1 on September 3, 2019.

The conclusion of the first season sets up a strong foundation for a second season. There has been no confirmation of a second season, but we anticipate it. ‘When the Camellia Blooms’ season 2 might premiere in 2024 if the show is picked up for a second season.

When the Camellia Blooms Story

Oh Dong-baek (Gong Hyo-jin) is a single mother who, in When the Camellia Blooms, relocates to the made-up city of Ongsan and runs a bar of the same name. As Dong-baek tries to establish herself in the rural community, she encounters many strange and interesting people. Dong-baek encounters Yong-sik (Kang Ha-neul), a jovial and justice-seeking police officer, six years later. On the other hand, a renowned murderer is on the hunt for Dong-baek. Yong-sik juggles his efforts to win over Dong-baek, a hard-working single mother, with his search for the murderer.

When the Camellia Blooms Cast

  • Gong Hyo-jin as Oh Dong-baek
  • Kang Ha-neul as Hwang Yong-sik
  • Kim Ji-seok as Kang Jong-ryul
  • Ji Yi-soo as Jessica / Park Sang-mi
  • Oh Jung-se as No Gyu-tae
  • Yeom Hye-ran as Hong Ja-young
  • Son Dam-bi as Choi Hyang-mi / Choi Go-woon
  • Kim Kang-hoon as Kang Pil-gu
  • Go Doo-shim as Kwak Deok-soon
  • Jeon Bae-soo as Byun Bae-soo
  • Lee Jung-eun as Jo Jung-sook
  • Kim Sun-young as Park Chan-sook
  • Kim Dong-hyeon as Song Jin-bae
  • Kim Mi-hwa as Kim Jae-yeong
  • Lee Seon-hee as Jeong Gwi-ryeon
  • Han Ye-joo as Jo Ae-jeong
  • Lee Sang-yi as Yang Seung-yeop
  • Kim Mo-ah as Yang Seung-hee
  • Baek Hyun-joo as Oh Ji-hyeon
  • Lee Joong-yeol as Han Tae-hee
  • Jin Yong-wook as Choi Jong-rok
  • Lee Kyu-sung as Park Heung-sik
  • Carson Allen as Helena
  • Lee Jae-woo as Kwon Oh-joon
  • Park Yeon-woo as Park Seong-min
  • Hwang Young-hee as Lee Hwa-ja
  • Baek Eun-hye as Sung-hee
  • Lee Jin-hee as Geum-ok
  • Yoo Yeon as Lee Ji-ho
  • Jeon Guk-hyang as Hong Eun-sil

When the Camellia Blooms Season 2 Storyline

Dong Baek has just fallen for Hwang Yong-Sik, the most popular police officer in town. Yong Hwang is a bold guy who takes great joy in serving others. At first sight, he is completely smitten with Dong Baek. The heroine is a single parent of a very young kid, and the novel examines the prejudice she faces because of this. He loves the lady for who she is, flaws and all, despite the criticism.

Just when we believe we’ve reached the happy ending, everything flips upside down. The plot twist occurs when Dong Baek makes the rookie error of letting other males into her space. Season 1 follows the events that occur next. Dong Baek’s story will continue in the second season after the incidents of the first.

The serial murderer plotline is concluded, therefore the show’s producers may go on to other topics within the same milieu. In following episodes, we’ll see how the pair navigates conventional expectations. Is Dong Baek doomed to repeat her previous failures, or will she emerge from this trial a confident and self-reliant adult? In the subsequent one, we shall see.

When the Camellia Blooms Season 2 Trailer

The first season of When the Camellia Blooms has an official trailer, which you can see right here.

When the Camellia Blooms Season 1 Review

When the Camellia Blooms’s plot and likable characters are a major selling factor. The story isn’t very complex, but the movie is nevertheless a lot of fun since it mixes genres. The show’s inconsistencies in the first few episodes were quickly forgotten as it found its footing. The tension in The Camellia Blooms is expertly built upon week after week, and viewers are left wondering right up until the last episode.

When the Camellia Blooms is an outstanding series, with a fantastic plot and endearing characters, and many surprising turns. I’m going to miss seeing Yong-Sik and the remainder of the group get up to their usual shenanigans, but if you haven’t seen When the Camellia Blooms yet, I highly suggest it.

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