Matthew Vaughn supports Taron Egerton as Wolverine at UCM


Assembly of Taron Egerton and Wolverine

Director Matthew Vaughn, responsible of "X Men First generation" and the Kingsman franchise, and we also know he has his eye on the Fantastic Four, has talked about the comments of many fans who place the actor Taron Egerton as the best candidate to be the new Wolverine once Marvel Studios decides to introduce the claw mutant into the UCM.

While talking with Comic book In the New York Comic Con, Matthew Vaughn was asked if he would like to see the actor, and almost a regular contributor to him, in the role of the mutant. The answer is clear, a resounding yes, but always with the approval of Hugh Jackman, who has played the character in all previous X-Men films.

God yes. That is, yes, why not? I would ask for the blessing and permission of Mr. Jackman, because Hugh is The Man, and if I ended up doing another [movie of] X-Men and got Wolverine in it … whoever I choose, I would only do it with Hugh's blessing.

For now, we are still waiting for Marvel Studios to reveal its plans for the mutants and the Fantastic Four, something for which it seems we should continue to wait a few years.

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