Lauren Cohan advances the dynamic between Maggie and Negan in The Walking Dead


Image of the ninth season of The Walking Dead

The great news of the passage of "The Walking Dead" for the New York Comic Con, beyond the confirmation of season 11 of AMC's long fiction, is Lauren Cohan's return as Maggie Greene, after he left the series in season 9.

Aware of the situation, since AMC they have asked Cohan a few questions, among which we highlight what the actress has to say about her fiefdom with Negan, who was responsible for killing Glenn in the series. While Maggie decided to forgive the villain's life, that does not mean that she has forgiven him:

As in life, you may not know what to do until you meet him. He decided not to kill him at the time when Michonne convinced her, he didn't follow that path. Forgiveness is liberating but I suppose we will see to what extent it has released itself.

We leave you with the moment when the actress took the stage of the New York Comic Con with the rest of her classmates.

Season 10 of "The Walking Dead" Arrive at AMC today.

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