Joker opens box office as the best October premiere with $ 93.5 million


Joker poster cutout (2019)

The box office estimates of "Joker" that occurred yesterday are getting closer to complying with the provisional data for this first weekend in the United States. The Todd Phillips movie would have got a total box office of 93.5 million dollars in the United States distributed in 4,374 cinemas.

Outside the United States, the film obtains a higher collection and stands at 140.5 million dollars from 70 countries, which makes it have a total box office of 234 million dollars in its first weekend, still missing Chinese cone markets (pending release date).

These figures have a very positive reading because they have met the estimates that were given days ago and exceeds the 80.3 million dollars he made "Venom" last year, so it becomes the best October premiere in history, is one of the best premiere figures of all time of an R-rated movie, is the fifth biggest premiere weekend of what we have of 2019 and is the highest release figure of Warner Bros. in these last two years.

Those 93.5 million also make it stand above new releases such as "Aquaman" (67.87 million) or touching the proceeds of "League of Justice" (93.8 million)

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