Summary of the Batwoman panel at the New York Comic Con 2019


Summary of the Batwoman panel at the New York Comic Con 2019

A few hours ago the panel of "Batwoman" in the New York Comic Con, which has turned out to be much lighter than one might think.

The panel has started by issuing the pilot episode, and then going on to comment on what was seen in it with actresses Rachel Skarsten (Alice) and Meagan Tandy (Sophie).

Much of the panel has been spent discussing the triangle formed by Rachel, Sophie and Kate, commenting details like the only thing in common between Sophie and Alice is their interest in Kate; that Sophie herself feels that she is in a familiar triangle between Kate and Kate's father because Sophie is the daughter that Kate's father never had; that Sophie's relationship with her husband is real but Kate's return revives some emotions that make her doubt her relationship; or that Alice is trapped in two realities. Sophie won't know much about Kate's life, she only knows that she comes from a family with a lot of money, but she doesn't know Bruce personally.

Another small breakthrough they have left is about villains of the season. Magpie and Hush will be the other great villains, along with Alice, and the little they can say at the moment is that Hush thinks Batwoman is Batman, hence he decides to return to Gotham to end the Dark Knight, to discover that it is someone different.

Finally, Skarsten has advanced the event “Crisis on Infinite Earths"When referring to the" big implications "that the" Crisis "will have both in the series in general and in" Gotham City for the future. " The actress also put an end to the rumors that she was going to fulfill a double role in “Crisis,” repeating her role as Dinah Lance of Birds of Prey.


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