DC Comics Compilation: Glance at Strange Adventures, new Harley Quinn series, confirmed DC chronology and more


DC Comics Compilation: Glance at Strange Adventures, new Harley Quinn series

This week the New York Comic Con took place, the second most important event at the comic level after the San Diego Comic Con, so we have a barrage of news to comment on. From new releases to the first images of some of the most anticipated projects, we don't have a minute to lose. We start!

Jim Lee, Brad Meltzer and Chris Eliopoulos will create a story for DC War Special

At the New York Comic Con that is taking place this weekend we have learned that Jim Lee and Brad Meltzer will work together on a story for the DC War special, a special issue that will honor the classic comics of this collection. In addition, through Twitter, Chris Eliopoulus has confirmed that he will be in charge of labeling the story.

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First look at Strange Adventures

As it was not enough to win all the possible prizes by doing Mr Milagro together, Tom King and Mitch Gerads announced a few months ago that their next project would be focused on Adam Strange and collaborate with Doc Shaners to carry it out. Now, the publishing house itself has revealed on Twitter what is its first look at this collection, as well as several more that were taught in the DC World Fitness panel. A must of 2020 I dare to ensure.

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Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti meet for the new Harley Quinn miniseries

In a few months we will be able to enjoy the film of Birds of Prey, which will have a leading role of Harley Quinn. We are already accustomed to these premieres being accompanied by new series in the world of comics, so it is no surprise that In addition to the regular series of Birds of Prey made by Brian Azzarello – which recently went to Black Label – a miniseries made by the marriage of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, responsible for the successful relaunch of 2013 and that have led the character to the popularity situation you are living right now.

This new series is based on the prestige in which Joker and Harley have finally separated, and when Mr. J's favorite clown tries to start his new life he will discover that they have put a price on his head of 10 million dollars, so He will have to resort to Birds of Prey in order to face this threat.

Bob Harras, editor of DC, has talked about this new release:

The combination of Amanda, Jimmy and Harley has always resulted in great stories for their fans, and this time will not be an exception. It is the favorite version of many fans. Like Batman: The last knight on earth and Batman / Catwoman, this miniseries is another example of incredible creative teams that increase their legacy.

We can read it from February 2020.

Harley and the birds of prey

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Amy Reeder will write and draw a series of Amethyst

This weekend there was a Wonder Comics stamp panel at Comic Con in New York, where the novelties for this line have been commented. The most prominent has undoubtedly been the announcement of a regular series for Amethyst, that will be written and drawn by Amy Reeder. Initially, the author planned to leave to work on a series of her own creation, but from the publishing house she was offered.

There is much world building, many landscapes and psychedelia. It's a lot of fun, I think I'm going to do a great job.

Amethyst is a character that was originally created by Dan Mishkin, Gary Cohn and Ernie Columbus in 1983, but since then it has barely lavished through the DC universe until it has been rescued by Brian Michael Bendis for his regular Young Justice series.

First images of Amathyst

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News around Black Label and Hill House

Cliff Chiang, stage author like Wonder Woman with Brian Azzarello or from the Image series Paper girls has announced that it is working on a secret project for the Black Label seal. He has not given any clue as to what it could be or when it will be launched, although it has been known that After finishing the series written by Vaughan and its adaptation to series thanks to Amazon TV, he will again focus on his work for DC Comics.

On the other hand, Newsarama has spoken with Phillip Kennedy Johnson, writer of the maxiserie The Last God about it, considering that it will be the first fantastic and terrifying cut title for the DC label. Johnson comments the large amount of material that you have created to give you background to the world of the series, with music generated for the occasion, newspapers written by characters, in addition to DC will publish a book in the form of a guide on the world generated for the work. You can read the full interview here.

Finally, it has been announced that Stuart Immonen returns to mainstream publishers to work on DC Comics with Joe Hill, in a new series created for Hill House titled "Plunge". Immonen announced in mid-2018 that he was retiring from full-time work for the comic world after his stage in Amazing Spiderman, and has been spotted in a timely manner in some collaborations with Marvel and active on Instagram.


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DC announces its official chronology

At last! After several reboots, collections that did not coincide temporarily, relaunches and parallel universes DC has announced that it will carry out a project called DC Timeline, where all the chronology of the universe will be ordered and they will try that the different stories that are told from now on are more connected to each other, preventing Batman – to give an example – in a collection have cosmic powers and in another he has left the mantle, something that happened in the New stage 52

Your universe will be divided from now on 4 stages marked by important events: "Dawn of the Heroic Age", with the arrival of Wonder Woman to the land of men, "The Space Age", with the arrival of Superman, "The Age of Crisis" that goes from Crisis in Infinite Lands to Flashpoint, and finally "Flashpoint", which will cover from the event of the same name to the current stage, through New 52.

At the moment it is unknown how this initiative will be launched and if there will be changes in classical continuity to square everything, but it is certainly great news to rejoice.

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G. Willow Wilson joins the Sandman universe

G. Willow Wilson, who we knew a few weeks ago left Wonder Woman, will take over the title of DC “The Dreaming” from 2020 with the artist Nick Robles. Announced on the “DC’s House of Horrors” panel at New York Comic Con, Wilson made a surprise appearance on the panel shortly after the announcement.

Wilson refrained from revealing too many things about his plans, but said William Shakespeare – who appeared in the original stage of Sandman's Neil Gaiman – would be a character in the title.

Wilson's stage would start with # 19 of the series in early 2020. The last number requested so far from the series is 16, scheduled for December 2019.

Image of The Dreaming, from the Sandman universe

Cliff Chiang works in a Black Label comic

At the end of the Spotlight on Paper Girls Image Comics panel held at the New York Comic Con, artist Cliff Chiang has revealed that he will work on a new DC Comics comic book, which he will write, draw, color and write for the line of readers of DC Black Label It was the work with Vaughn – and before him, Brian Azzarello in Wonder Woman – he says inspired him to do so. At the moment no more details about the project are known.

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