Minx Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to Minx’s world! In its third season, this tv series is coming back strong. It is still very stylish and pushes the limits. Ellen Rapoport and Rachel Goldenberg, who are both very talented, made season 3 of Minx.

With its innovative ideas, bold designs, and unapologetic approach to self-expression, season 3 of Minx is taking the fashion world to a whole new level. In this season, we’ll get another look into the lives of the young, talented designers who want to take over the market on their own terms.

Minx season 3 looks like it will be some other memorable journey into the wild, creative minds of today’s fashion innovators, with wild runway shows and unexpected collaborations. So get ready to be amazed by this exciting series and its colorful cast of characters as we dive into all things Minx.

Minx Season 3 Release Date:

As of now, there’s been no official word about when Season 3 of Minx will be out. But those who love the show can take comfort in the fact that Minx Season 2 started on March 24, 2022. This implies there’s still hope for a third season.

Even though there were rum ours that the show would be cancelled at first, it was revived for a season 2 in May 2022, which made its loyal fans very happy.

Since filming for the season 2 began in September 2023, it’s possible that season 3 could come out in March 2024 if everything goes as planned. Fans will have to be patient until a formal announcement is made about Season 3 of Minx.

Minx Season 3 Cast:

Ophelia Lovibond is at the head of the cast for Minx season 1. Some people may not recognise the name, but Guardians of the Galaxy fans will remember that Lovibond played Carina.

Jake Johnson is another member of the entire characters who stands out. People who watch TV will remember Johnson as Nick Miller, the bartender-turned-author in the hit show New Girl.

Johnson first agreed to be in Minx as a guest star, but as the movie was being made, he was moved up to be one of the main actors. The rest of the regulars on the show are:

  • Joyce was played by Ophelia
  • Jake Johnson played Doug, and Idara Victor played Tina.
  • Jessica Lowe played Bambi.
  • Shelly, played by Lennon Parham
  • Michael Angarano as Glenn
  • Richie, played by Oscar Montoya

Gillian Jacobs, Hope Davis, Stephen Tobolowsky, and Amy Landecker are some other well-known actors who will be in Minx. We don’t know yet if they will be regulars or just show up once.

Minx Season 3 storyline:

Minx is an HBO Max Original comedy about a woman in the 1970s who wants to change the publishing industry by using her aspirations and talent as a writer. In particular, she wants to improve how women are portrayed in the industry.

Unfortunately for her, the people in charge of publishing don’t like her first idea for how to make that change happen. Then she agrees to work with someone else to make the very first arousing magazine for women.

“In the 1970s, Joyce (Ophelia Lovibond), a young feminist from Los Angeles, and Doug (Jake Johnson), a magazine editor, form an unlikely friendship as they try to make the first women’s erotic magazine.”

Joyce is played by Phelia Lovibond, who is also an editor who wants to make an erotica magazine for women only.

But things aren’t going as she planned because she needs to keep being rejected by male publishers everywhere she goes, including webinars, writers’ festivals, and contests for publishers.

One of the guys says something rude about Joyce’s magazine cover, but just as she’s about to give up, she needs to meet Doug Rendetti.

Rendetti tells Joyce that if she wants him to publish her work, helen must make it erotica. Joyce doesn’t like the idea at first, but when Rendetti tells her that it’s simply a way to publish things like men have done for the past few years, she agrees to give it a try. J

oyce is ready to take on whatever it takes to run this business, even if it means changing the name of the magazine from The Matriarchy Awakens to The Minx.

There has been no mention of what might happen in Season 2 of Minx. But it will pick up where the initial season left off.

In the 1970s, a young woman from Los Angeles who was a feminist and a low-rent publisher worked together to make the first women’s erotic magazine.

She is loud and starry-eyed, and she said that the low-rent publisher wants to make money quickly. The characters learn about life and find good connections in the strangest places through this unlikely partnership.

Phelia Lovibond plays Joyce on stage. She is an editor who wants to make an erotica magazine for women only.

She is getting turned down by men editors every where and she goes, including webinars, writers’ festivals, and publishing contests.

Things are not going the way she had hoped. When one of the men says something rude about the cover of a magazine, Joyce is about to give up. That’s when she meets Doug Rendetti.

Rendetti tells Joyce that if she wants someone to to publish her work, she must label it erotica. Joyce doesn’t like the idea at first, but she changes her mind when Rendetti tells her that it will just be a way to publish things the way men have for a few years.


So far, most reviews of Minx have been positive. But some people think the show’s plot isn’t very deep and doesn’t have much going on.

The tv series has been cancelled, so there are no more plans for it. In any particular instance, the series is fun to watch, as IMDb’s rating of 7.6 stars out of 10 shows.

Overall, Minx seems to have assembled an excellent group of fans, and it has gotten enough support to be renewed for a second season. As for a third season, it’s not clear if HBO Max will continue the story or not.

Minx Season 3 Trailer Release:

As of now, there is no formal trailer for Season 3 of Minx and no news about when it will come out. Fans want to know if the popular sitcom show will be picked up for a second season.

The first season of the show got mixed reviews, but the second season was able to build a strong fan base. It also left audiences on a cliffhanger, which has made people wonder where the story will go in season three.

Where can I find Season 3 of Minx?

Since Minx Season 3 hasn’t been officially announced yet, no one knows where to watch the next episode of the show. Minx can only be broadcasted right now on its original network, HBO Max. But say the show gets picked for an additional season.

In that case, it might only be on HBO Max or it might be added to other streaming platforms. The show’s fans will have to stay up to date on the status of Minx Third season and where it may be watched.

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