Model Joselyn Cano copies Demi Rose her golden swimsuit

The name of the british model Demi Rose is one of the most listened to recently, however she is Joselyn cano who has been on his heels with some of his publications and number of followers, a few weeks ago he shared a photo wearing a golden swimsuit identical to that of the beautiful British.

Of Mexican parents, although they live in the United States, Joselyn Cano draws attention not only because of her origin and her angelic face but also because of her photographs where she constantly boasts her figure.

Several names in the modeling industry have come to light recently however they have been Demi Rose and Joselyn Cano the direct competition as they are the ones with the most followers on their Instagram.

Both celebrities of only 25 years of age have managed to get millions of followers thanks to their photographs and some videos where their curves are the protagonists of each story they share.

Although both are models, each one has different characteristics, obviously they coincide in many more, that even some of their fans did not know:

  • They love to travel
  • They speak Spanish
  • They are fascinated by tiny clothes
  • Their faces look like an angel
  • They have voluptuous figures
  • There is little information about his private life

The last point on the small list is perhaps the most interesting of all, because despite the fact that they constantly share content on their respective social media accounts, in reality very little information is known about them, sometimes on Live ' s have shared information however in very little, surely their fans would like to know a little more about each one.

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Although they rather seem like coincidences that they could have with anyone else, only that they are recognized social network personalities, this type of similarity is surprising, and of course there will always be certain different things between them.

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The clearest is that Joselyn Cano, after a certain time tends to delete some of her publications, tries to keep only a few in her account, so far she has 272 publications, each one with thousands of red hearts and comments that stand out. her beauty, contrary to Demi Rose who has little more than a thousand publications between photos and videos.

The leading swimsuit in this note is quite interesting because apparently we have already seen it put on the figure of the British model, it is a two-piece suit that has some details with shiny stones, it seems like a bralette because of the laboriousness of the piece top, at the bottom you can see some strips that end at the back, surely that is where they join.

If you want to see the photo, click on the following LINK so you can see Joselyn Cano show off this piece.

The photograph is not current, it has been several weeks since he shared it, but it does not hurt to remember this type of publication, do not believe.

Joselyn exercises a lot and eats a balanced diet, adequate to keep her muscles in place, in a video she stated that her figure was originally quite slim, but that with the help of exercise, in addition to consuming protein and plenty of carbohydrates, she managed to develop her muscles.

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From what we have seen, the results you have are quite effective, perhaps in the future you decide to share part of your exercise routines on Intagram or YouTube because we have only seen the results.

As for Demi Rose, we don't know what kind of exercises she performs to keep her curves in place, so her millions of followers love seeing her post her c @ nde3ntes snapshots.

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