Modern Technologies Which Make Moving Effortless

Moving is an important parameter considered in many economic indicators like inflation, gross domestic product, price index measures, etc. Until recently (from 1988 to 2018), the percentage of Americans who moved from one state to another was only 1.5%.

However, starting in 2019, this indicator increased by 10.2 million (or by 3.3% annually). As for short distance movers, their services are constantly actual – it is the main type of domestic moves within the US at approximately 60%.

This trend makes moving a highly competitive industry, with hundreds of companies trying to get their own places under the sun. Together with the code of ethics and the professionalism of employees, an important role in the particular company’s success is played by modern technologies and their effective use.

Portals and Websites

No modern moving company can get around without a stylish and at the same time, optimized website. Client-oriented moving companies that are focused on their reputation do not spare money developing a portal where customers can get all the information they need.

For example, if you check the ZeroMax site, you can easily figure out all the services they offer:

  • Local moving;
  • Residential;
  • Moving boxes;
  • Fine art moving;
  • Commercial;
  • Flat fee;
  • Same Day Moving;
  • Long Distance;
  • Storage.

Also, there is info on how to contact the company’s customer support service via phone, email, or popular social networks. While ordering moving services remotely, it is crucial to make sure everything is safe. To cover this need, the site provides license information, clear T&Cs, and independent reviews with links to original sources (Google, Thumbtack, Yelp, etc.).

Moving Calculator

Moving calculators are handy inbuilt features that allow you to get the sum you must pay for the service. As long as they become more advanced and can consider a wide spectrum of input data, the final sum is quite precise.

On most sites of moving companies, they work almost the same. Below, you can check how it works on the ZeroMax website.

  • Click on the “Moving Calculator” option.
  • Select “From” and “To” locations.
  • Specify additional services (packing materials, garbage removal, storage, etc.) and move type (residential, office, special event, others).
  • Specify rooms you have to be moved (bedroom area, official, hallway, etc.).
  • Add items according to the rooms you chose (mirror, heater, computer, TV flat, etc.).
  • Click to finalize and get an automatic quote pricing.

Moving the calculator can significantly save you time and make it more comfortable to include all items you need, step back to edit info, etc. Also, you do not need to contact the moving company’s experts by phone to explain your order in detail.


Large modern cities can be a real challenge for movers in terms of navigation without GPS. Even experienced movers may lose their way on winding Boston streets or while looking for the destination point in Washington with its traffic circles and one-way roads.

Data from the GPS tracker allows the company to avoid inefficient routes, make improvements, keep fuel costs, and eliminate surcharges.

Innovating Moving Equipment and Devices

Depending on the moving type, companies face the need to move different items. Along with household appliances and pieces of furniture that do not require special conditions, there are also orders where it is necessary to move perishable food products. For this purpose, modern moving companies such as ZeroMax have climate-controlled moving trucks.

Thanks to detectors located inside the track, it is possible to maintain a specific temperature and humidity. This is also important when moving fine art, sensitive technological equipment, or musical instruments (for example, piano).

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