Mortal Kombat, Ryan Reynolds jokes about his casting for the sequel: “Today double triumph!”

It just premiered in the US, in theaters and on HBO Max, the highly anticipated reboot of Mortal Kombat produced by James Wan, and the attention of many is already projected towards the sequel. Fans, in fact, would like to see Ryan Reynolds in the role of Johnny Cage, and the interpreter of Deadpool and Green Lantern does not seem to mind the idea at all.

Ryan Reynolds in fact, he commented, naturally in his own way, the rumors about his possible engagement in the sequel to Mortal Kombat. The rumors weren’t his only satisfaction of the day: US News elected Mint Mobile, Reynolds-owned virtual phone operator, best mobile plan of 2021.

As we can see in the tweet at the bottom of the news, Ryan Reynolds has thus combined the two and published a photo clearly inspired by the video game Mortal Kombat. “What should I do after the casting rumors and after the competition is upset because Mint Mobile was named the best phone plan of 2021? Finish’ em! he wrote, quoting one of the videogame slogans.

At the center of the scene, as we see, stands a Ryan Reynolds posing as a winner, in version Johnny cage, while on the superimposition you can see the flashing writing “Mint wins”.

Soon Mortal Kombat will also arrive in Italy. After this triumphal day, however, Ryan Reynolds he will soon find out if the rumors about his casting will have a sequel.

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