Nano Machine Chapter 177 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Nano Machine Chapter 177 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

The battle between the Demon Lord & Master Wang has concluded. Master Wang is now one of the 5 greatest martial artists because the Demon Lord triumphed. This was always something of importance to our protagonist, and it was thrilling to watch him finally achieve it.

Since the protagonist has already accomplished some of the tasks, we may go ahead and tackle the next one. Nano Machine Chapter 177 comes up next in the manhwa.

Here, Cheon is elevated to the status of “great martial artist,” which alters the trajectory of the narrative. Cheon needed to treat himself to something fresh, and his followers are eager to see what he does next.

As shown in the previous section of the manhwa “Nano Machine,” the Demon Lord as Master Wang engaged in a fierce battle. To everyone’s surprise, the Demon Lord won, cementing Master Wang’s place as one of the five great martial artists.

Cheon, our main character, had the satisfying sensation of seeing this monumental achievement.

The upcoming publication of Nano Machine Chapter 177 has the audience anticipating its arrival with bated breath. Master Wang has shown himself to be one of the top five martial artists in the world by defeating the Demon Lord in an epic battle.

It was exciting to see the fulfillment of a long-held goal for our protagonist. After completing a huge task, the protagonist must now discover what the next great obstacle will be.

Nano Machine Chapter 177 Release Date:

Nano Machine Chapter 177 will become available at 8:00 AM PT on November 1, 2023. New components appear weekly.

Nano Machine Chapter 177 Trailer Release:

A video preview for Nano Machine Chapter 177 is available.

Nano Machine Chapter 177 Storyline:

The conflict resumed in Nano Machine Chapter 176, with Wang prepared to kill it with a single strike. However, the Demon Lord kept moving about, so Wang never saw his attack fall. Wang was completely defenseless since the latter had mastered one of the most difficult methods.

Wang stated that it would be very difficult to assess the power that the Demon Lord has attained after a few more tries, so he is going to explore what else he can learn from his journey. Others looked on in awe and concern, wondering how they might stop themselves from being wounded in this unbelievable conflict.

Wang challenges the Demon Lord to demonstrate his other training gains, and the latter responds that he has two more items to show off. Wang said he was hesitant and that he possessed a secret method he could employ if necessary.

When the Demon Lord tried out his newfound skill, he stunned onlookers with his seemingly effortless ability to command the space and materialize fresh swords with which to launch a projectile strike on Wang. Wang says this skill can annihilate a large army, and he only just manages to stave off the attack.

Wang realizes that he doesn’t have time to perform the secret method and would likely die if the assault continues in its current form, so he begs the demon lord to end it.

Wang calls a halt to the battle, acknowledges defeat, and declares that the Demon Lord has become one of the world’s top five martial artists.

Wang was ready to end the battle with a single blow in Nano Machine Chapter 176, but the Demon Lord continued dodging and shifting, and Wang never saw his blow fall. The latter had learned a particularly difficult technique, leaving Wang wide open to assault.

Wang demonstrated that it would be extremely challenging to evaluate the power that the Demon Lord had achieved after many more tries, so he plans to investigate what else he may discover along the way.

While they were having this extraordinary fight, the rest of us looked on in amazement and alarm, wondering how on earth people were managing to avoid injuring one other.

If Wang is ready, the Demon Lord has two more training achievements to show off in response to Wang’s challenge. As tentative as he is, Wang conceded that he did, in fact, retain a secret method that he might utilize if required.

Putting his newfound ability to the test, the Demon Lord surprised observers by rapidly regaining control of the area and materializing fresh swords to counter Wang’s projectile strike. With absolutely no room for mistake, Wang defends himself against this gift that may destroy an army.

Since he realizes he doesn’t have time to use the secret way and would die if the attack continues, he asks the demon lord to stop it. Wang proclaimed a ceasefire, accepted defeat, and ranked the Demon Lord among the best five martial artists in the world.

Wang challenges the Demon Lord, demanding to see the fruits of his training so far. Two things, the Demon Lord adds, and he wants to know whether Wang is prepared to witness them. Wang, being the cautious kind, assured her that, worst case scenario, he continued to have a secret move at his disposal.

The Demon Lord immediately put his newfound knowledge to use. To strike Wang with a projectile, he effortlessly took control of the situation and conjured forth fresh swords. Wang claims that using this ability would be like taking on a whole army, yet his counter is laughably inadequate.

Wang fears he won’t survive long enough to deploy the hidden technique to counter the onslaught. He fears for his life and begs the demon lord to end it all. After the match, Wang admits defeat and ranks the Demon Lord as one of the top five martial artists of history.

Where To Watch Nano Machine Chapter 177?

Naver only supports the original language versions of manga, so if you’d like to access Nano Machine Chapter 177, you’ll have to learn Korean.

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