When Evil Lurks (Horror Movie) Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

When Evil Lurks (Horror Movie) Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Produced and written by Demián Rugna, ‘When Evil Lurks’ (also known as ‘Cuando Acecha la Maldad’) is an Argentine horror film. Ezequiel Rodriguez & Demián Salomon play Pedro and Jimmy, two siblings from a remote town in this Spanish-language film.

But after a terrifying encounter, they learn that someone on nearby property has been possessed by the devil. As the demonic infestation sweeps across the town, Pedro and Jimmy do their best to keep their loved ones safe.

The movie finishes on a downbeat tone and raises far more questions than it answers. Here’s all you need to understand about the conclusion of “When Evil Lurks” if you want to know what happened to Pedro and Jimmy. WARNING: THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS SPOILERS!

When Evil Lurks, from IFC Films, looks like the horror film of the autumn that you do not want to miss, and a new, extended trailer has just been published.

From writer/director Demián Rugna (Terrified, Satanic Hispanics), the possession film was recently shown to enthusiastic audiences at TIFF and will be shown at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, next week. What exactly is the commotion about? Look at it.

When Evil Lurks (Horror Movie) Release Date:

The world premiere of Evil Lurks took place on September 13, 2023, at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). IFC Films distributed it in cinemas on October 6, and on October 27, it was set to premiere on Shudder.

When Evil Lurks (Horror Movie) Trailer Release:

A trailer for When Evil Lurks (Horror Movie) does exist.

When Evil Lurks (Horror Movie) Cast:

  • Ezequiel Rodriguez as Pedro
  • Demián Salomon as Jimmy
  • Luis Ziembrowski
  • Silvia Sabater
  • Marcelo Michinaux

When Evil Lurks (Horror Movie) Storyline:

A fresh spin on the possession genre, “When Evil Lurks” has gory murders and an ingenious mythos. You can see the trailer up there, and here’s what it’s about:

Pedro (Ezequiel Rodrguez) & Jimmy (Demián Salomón) are brothers who, upon learning that a demonic sickness has been festering in a neighboring farmhouse, seek to expel the sufferer from their property.

Their careless acts cause a possession pandemic in their little town since they didn’t follow the correct exorcism rituals. They need to find a wise “cleaner,” who has the sole instruments to combat this supernatural disease, and get out of its path before it corrupts & mutilates everyone it comes in contact with.

When Pedro and his brother Jaime go looking for the source of gunfire in the woods they hear the previous night, they find a man’s corpse cut in half, which leads him to a neighboring hut where a lady and her two young kids are hiding.

Uriel, the eldest, has turned into a “Rotten,” a host for a demon yet to be born. The guy found dead in the forest is the “cleaner” the mother had hired a year previously to dispose of the demon possessing Uriel and prevent it from possessing anybody else.

The brothers go to the landlord, Ruiz, who makes many hostile efforts to deal with Uriel after officials say the Rotten aren’t their concern. Despite his wife and brothers’ best efforts to convince him otherwise, Ruiz is still set on dumping the cursed Uriel hours away.

The three guys almost miss a little kid on the road before realizing Uriel has gotten out of the vehicle. Ruiz proclaims the situation fixed and goes home without further thought.

The following morning, Mrs. Ruiz finds one of the goats is clearly possessed. Ruiz kills the animal despite his wife’s warning that firearms aid in the spread of the rote’s possession, and his wife subsequently attempts murder-suicide using an axe.

Later that evening, Uriel’s brother comes to the brothers alone, distraught because his mother has disappeared. The only place Pedro will allow him sleep is in the barn. The youngster tells them that the lights would attract evil spirits, but the brothers don’t listen to him.

Jaime and Pedro made a pact that morning to evacuate the city together, taking their families with them. Pedro visits his ex-wife Sabrina, as Jaime picks up their mom.

When Pedro goes to pick up his two kids from their mother’s new spouse, Leonardo, he and Sabrina get into a fight. While Leonardo and Sabrina’s attention is divided between one other, their dog who had earlier licked Pedro’s demon-mucked clothes attacks their daughter and pulls her outdoors.

During their pursuit of the dog, Leonardo fires a shot, killing the animal. When Pedro comes back to check on Sabrina, he finds that her daughter has returned, unscathed and now poses a danger to her. Pedro watches as his boys go, dancing, and then sees Leonardo slam into Sabrina.

In the beginning of “When Evil Lurks,” Pedro & Jimmy hear gunshots coming from the backyard of their home. The brothers go up early to look into the gunfire and find a severed body.

Pedro and Jimmy find out that the individual who was killed was on their way to Maria Elena’s residence. When the boys visit Maria, they find out that the deceased guy was a “cleaner” who had been dispatched to cope with her demon-possessed older son, Uriel. Uriel is a “Rotten,” a possessed person who is providing a home for a demon that is still in the womb. Despite Pedro and Jimmy informing the authorities, they do little to stop the situation.

To reunite with their loved ones, Pedro and Jimmy leave the countryside and go to the nearest town. Pedro pays a visit to Sabrina & her new husband, Leo, whom she just married. Sabrina fights with Pedro as he attempts to save their boys, Jair and Santino.

Roger, the family dog, goes crazy after smelling Pedro’s clothing and bites Vicky, Sabrina and Leo’s daughter. While Leo & Sabrina look for Vicky, who was assassinated by the dog, Pedro takes her automobile.

After shooting the dog, Leo gets possessed and drives the vehicle into Sabrina, killing her. After Pedro and his boys make it out of the chaos, they run across Jimmy, who has just picked up their mom.

To start again, Pedro and Jimmy take their kids and spouse to a little town not too far away. The grandma expresses skepticism about Pedro and Jimmy’s tales of a demonic epidemic as they are driving.

She gives them seven guidelines to follow to keep the monster at bay. Avoiding electricity, employing guns, screaming the Devil’s name, and not giving in to the demon’s psychological tauntings are all part of the regulations.

Jimmy persuades Pedro to see his former coworker and fellow cleaner, Mirta. Meanwhile, despite witnessing Sabrin’s death, Pedro still feels a strong emotional connection to her.

Because of this, Pedro is sure that his family is in danger from the supernatural and that he must take all necessary precautions to keep them safe.

Where To Watch When Evil Lurks (Horror Movie)?

Currently available on Amazon Instant Video, FuboTV, Peacock, Kanopy, PlutoTV, & Filmrise.

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