“Nice to be an inspiration to others”

After starting her training to return to playing the character of Mera in the highly anticipated sequel to Aquaman, Amber Heard revealed what she thinks is the best part of playing those roles in the DC Cinematic Universe. Recall that the Aquaman sequel will still see the return of Jason Momoa protagonist.

In her latest post on Instagram, the actress wrote: “The best part of playing Mera is meeting each of the ones she inspired. Ready for the second round?To correlate the caption, the actress then added some photos that they portray her taking photos and signing autographs for fans who approached to talk to her or have a chat. Meanwhile, Amber Heard has already started training for Aquaman 2 again.

As reported by Discussing Film a few weeks ago, the shooting of the James Wan | they will leave next June in the UK, even if possible delays on the program due to problems related to the Covid pandemic cannot be excluded.

The site also said that Aquaman 2 will be shot under the working title of “Necrus”. Although these titles are often chosen for no reason whatsoever – just think of the name “Mary Lou” used for filming Avengers: Infinity War – this time it could reserve some interesting details on the plot of the sequel.

In the DC comics, necro is in fact the name of an underwater city which, unlike Atlantis, it exists only for short periods of time and it can never be found twice in the same position, this because of an alien satellite that roams the galaxy and periodically enters the Earth’s orbit. Known as the “Black City”, Necrus has often been in conflict with Atlantis.

Aquaman 2 will also see in the cast Pilou Asbaek in a mysterious role, perhaps that of another villain in addition to Black Manta of Yahyah Abdul-Mateen II, whose return has already been confirmed for years. The release is scheduled in American cinemas on December 16, 2022.

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