No Way Home, this is what Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock might look like

Alfred Molina’s return as Doc Ock was one of Marvel Studios’ bang for it Spider-Man: No Way Home: the character seen in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 is one of the most beloved villains ever in the cinecomic world, which is why fans are not in the skin in view of his second debut.

While Andrew Garfield makes fun of fans by denying his return in Spider-Man: No Way Home, therefore, the entire fandom is in a state of agitation to discover the new versions of the characters seen in sagas prior to the MCU, such as Jamie Foxx’s Elektro and, in fact, the iconic villain played by Alfred Molina.

But what will the character look like seen in Spider-Man 2? From the parts of Marvel, of course, everything is silent: the fans, however, are always at work and this is how, taking a quick look at the social networks, the first fan-art that imagine a Doc Ock updated to the 2021 version by Alfred Molina, with long hair and a decidedly more unkempt beard.

It is, of course, only a draft of the villain that we could see in the film with Tom Holland: today that is enough, however, to unleash our imagination. Speaking of images, meanwhile: fans are starting to express their anxiety about the lack of a trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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