Pierce Brosnan, the son is the copy of the 007 star! Is the new James Bond growing?

The similarity in somatic traits between parents and children is certainly a predictable feature but in some cases the similarity is truly disturbing; this is the case of Paris, twenty-year-old second son of Pierce Brosnan and of the journalist Keely Shaye Smith, as shown by the photo posted on Instagram by the young man’s mother.

A new James Bond is growing up in the Brosnan family. Obviously it is very early to tell but the great resemblance to his father clearly gave rise to the thought of another Brosnan in the 007 franchise.

Among the fans there are those who claim that the young Paris is the youngest copy of his father and those who joke that he can be his doppelgänger.
Paris Brosnan is currently studying film and among his passions fashion and art stand out, so it is not so unlikely to think of a future working in the same sphere as the famous parent.
However, it is not certain that the young man will start an acting career and for the moment the hypotheses on the web are only suggestions from fans. Last year Pierce Brosnan said he didn’t regret James Bond, following his farewell to the role in 2002.

A few months earlier the actor had released further statements on 007: Pierce Brosnan said he would gladly return as a villain in the saga.
Who knows if there will be a future with Pierce Brosnan ‘bad’ and son Paris as 007 in the franchise. For James Bond fans that wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

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