Spy X Family Chapter 89 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Spy X Family Chapter 89 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

With the release of Chapter 89 of Spy X Family, a new arc will begin where Loid attempts to make contact with Desmond’s relatives. Anya is also putting a lot of work into getting along with Damian for the sake of global peace (and partially because she is interested in devouring the cakes, lol).

The manga was on an unexpectedly extended break from Shonen Jump Plus for a month, but it seems that the bimonthly publishing has resumed at this point. The missing chapter has now been seen thanks to the debut of the anime adaptation.

The Wheeler arc arrived where the story needed to go, but I anticipate Lord shifting his focus back to Operation Strix. The chemistry between Anya and Damian is strong as well. Even Damian’s mom knows who Anya is, so we know she’ll be making an appearance soon.

The current arc of Spy X Family, which has been running for quite some time, is called The Mole Hunt Arc. The typical slice of life as humorous hijinks are still there, and they fit in well with the overarching goal.

Secret materials have been taken, putting Westalian operatives in Ostania in danger. There’s details here regarding something called “Operation Strix,” too.

The spy agencies of the two nations begin tracking down the thief in the hopes of recovering the stolen material first. But will they be successful in apprehending their suspect?

Since Spy x Family is now in a break between story arcs, we get to witness Tatsuya Endo turn up the charisma for some entertaining one-offs. In the most recent installment, Anya and Damian’s relationship becomes stronger than ever, despite the fact that they still refuse to admit it to one other.

Every second matters while Operation Strix is ongoing, since there are a lot more Stella Stars to collect and there is also a backup plan to befriend Damian. If you want to know what happens after Spy x Family Chapter 89, you can find out about it right here!

Spy X Family Chapter 89 Release Date:

Spy X Family Chapter 89 is scheduled for release of Sunday, October 29, 2023. Every two months a new chapter will be released.

Spy X Family Chapter 89 Trailer Release:

There is, in fact, a video preview for Chapter 89 of Spy X Family.

Spy X Family Chapter 89 Storyline:

Damian did something kind for Anya in the last chapter. As a token of his appreciation for the events of Chapter 61, that was published in 2022, he is now baking a unique assortment of tea cakes.

Damian was disciplined in the chapter because he forgot to bring his handkerchief to school. Strict instructor Donna Schlag threatened to give Damian a Tonitrus Bolt for this.

Anya, wanting to assist out her friend Damian, lent him her handkerchief. Unfortunately, she was penalized twice for her action. You might be kicked out of school if you rack up enough of these negative marks. Even if he didn’t express it, Damian appreciated whatever Anya had done.

This new chapter depicts the comedic and embarrassing events that occur when Damian & Anya make plans to finally meet. Friends like Becky, Emilia, and Ewen start following them because they anticipate an emotional confession or heated argument. But the good-natured Henry offers assistance. He acts as if he is punishing them, but in reality he is facilitating a friendly tea party.

Damian has finally found the best tea cakes, and all that’s left to do is give them to Anya. But this is an ordinary job; he must remain unseen at all times while making his repayment. Emile and Ewen are usually close behind Damian, while Anya keeps up with Becky. He has an arduous assignment in front of him.

Anya’s psychic powers allow her to learn Damian’s intentions. In class, Damian tries to figure out the best way to give them to her. After seeing how hard he’s working, Anya makes a decision to provide a hand in her own way and asks Becky to set up some alone time for him and Damian, which Becky takes the wrong way.

In a written note, Anya tells Damian to see her in the courtyard. However, Emile and Ewen misread her handwriting as a challenge to a fight because of how vicious it seems. Thinking this may be a good chance, Damian agrees to her request.

After telling the others to stay put, Damian and Anya enter the courtyard. Becky, Emile, & Ewen still can’t help but be fascinated by the goings-on and stay hidden to watch from a distance.

Damian and Anya flee around the campus in an effort to scare them off, but the trio is persistent. Damian is becoming more and more irritated by the minute.

Anya, sensing that he has given up on paying back his loan, pounces on him and grabs his arm. The plan all along was to make sure he didn’t leave without handing her the cake.

To show his appreciation to Anya for her assistance during the hijacking, Damian bakes a batch of cupcakes. But he has a hard time giving them up since he prefers to do them behind closed doors at school.

His mental reading has led Anya to assume that Operation Strix is involved. Henry gets involved & takes the cakes away after a series of miscommunications.

Henry invites the two to his office for tea and cakes after they formally apologize in writing. Even if Anya and Damian decide to remain friends, Damian can’t stop thinking about the time she touched his arm and sent his pulse racing.

After Anya reads his thoughts, she becomes so disturbed by the experience that she decides to cut ties with him. Henry loses his temper during the heated argument and orders them to stop fighting and leave.

Therefore, Damian has to think of a stealthy way to get the sweets to Anya. He had planned to give her a present before class, but Becky and his friends surrounded them, so he ended up talking to her instead.

Where To Watch Spy X Family Chapter 89?

The English translation of Spy X Family Chapter 89 is now available on Manga Plus and Viz. Spy X Family is available in its original Japanese language (raw form) on Shonen Jump Plus.

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