The best Blu-rays of May 2021: Zack Snyder’s Justice League arrives

During the month of May the attention of home video enthusiasts can only be directed to the release of the Steelbook Blu Ray and 4K Ultra HD edition of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the highly anticipated and discussed return of the director to his work, abandoned in progress and ended badly by Joss Whedon, with all the controversy of the case.
In terms of resonance, this is certainly the most important title of the month, but in our top 3 we report the high definition release of two other unmissable cults, unobtainable or even unpublished until now in our country. The first is the visionary Mr. Nobody, a journey through time and space in which Jared Leto finds himself experiencing different possible realities of his past existence, and the second is a masterpiece of oriental cinema, namely that Made in Hong Kong which has long since conquered the hearts of fans and is now ready to address a wider audience.
Among the other exits we point out Bad Tales, awarded in Venice for the best screenplay, the Bourbon western My body will bury you, the teenage drama What you don’t see and several reissues in 4K of great classics, which you can find in the usual overview.

Mr. Nobody – 5 maggio

Year 2092. Nemo Nobody is the oldest man in the world, having reached the enviable age of 117, but has decided to renounce the genetic immortality now widespread in the technological future in which he lives. The protagonist, who has become a real celebrity, decides to retrace his long life before passing away.
A story that alternates continuously between memories of different lives, all after a choice he made in childhood and related to the decision whether to stay and live with his father in his hometown or leave with his mother for Canada.

Belgian director Jaco Van Dormael signs one of the most atypical and refined sci-fi of the new millennium, able to excite on a multi-layered and multi-dimensional screenplay, the result of paradoxes and always original visual solutions, which bring the cinematographic media back to its most magical conception and free from constraints – conceptual and staging – of any kind . Jared Leto is surgically perfect in a multifaceted role and powerful empathic attraction. Finally in high definition an unmissable cult.

Made in Hong Kong – May 25th

Autumn Moon looks like a bully, he dropped out of school and made ends meet by working for a Triad boss. He struggles desperately to give meaning to a violent existence and wastes his time on the streets of Hong Kong with Sylvester, close friend, not as “smart” as he is. One day he falls in love with Ping, a girl of few words. When Moon, Ping and Sylvester come across a letter written by an anonymous and mysterious teenager, their fates change forever.

Generational portrait that serves as a look at the then – the film is from 1997 – the future of Hong Kong, close to returning under Chinese control, Made in Hong Kong is a masterpiece that has remained unpublished for too long, finally now available in high definition. An essential work that offers great emotions, with characters who enter and a common drama that becomes the social mirror of a country with an uncertain tomorrow. The high point in Fruit Chan’s career and a film that everyone should see.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Steelbook – 27 maggio

Determined to make sure Superman’s ultimate sacrifice was not in vain, Bruce Wayne joins forces with Diana Prince to recruit a team of metahumans, in order to protect the world from an imminent threat of catastrophic proportions.
The task turns out to be more difficult than Bruce imagined, as each component must face the demons of their past, to transcend what has blocked them, allowing them to unite and finally form an unprecedented league of heroes.
Finally together, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash may be late to save the planet from Steppenwolf, DeSaad and Darkseid and their terrible intentions.

One of the cinematographic cases of the year, born from the love and obsession of the fandom, eager to attend the Zack Snyder’s original vision for the DC superhero team. A film that, although not yet perfect, turns out to be much superior to the normal version released in cinemas and which has rekindled new hopes for the continuation of the relative comic universe.

Output overview

Nightwatcher: Action of Brazilian production directed by Gustavo Bonafé and Fábio Mendonça, starring Kiko Pissolato and Tainá Medina.
Shortcut: Italian horror directed by Alessio Liguori, starring Mino Caprio and Teo Achille Caprio.
Nevia: Drama film directed by Nunzia De Stefano, starring Virginia Apicella and Pietra Montecorvino.
Marrowbone – Sinister Secrets: Horror directed by Sergio G. Sánchez, starring George MacKay, Anya Taylor-Joy and Charlie Heaton.

Silverado: The classic western directed by Lawrence Kasdan arrives in high definition, starring Kevin Costner, Scott Glenn and Kevin Kline.
My name is Francesco Totti: The Roma champion gets naked for director Alex Infascelli.
Tales: The D’Innocenzo brothers sign a raw and courageous cross-section of a provincial reality transfigured into malaise and poetry.

MAY 12
My body will bury you: Giovanni La Parola stages the story of four bandits, at the time of the conquest of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies by the Piedmontese army.
Christmas with Bob: Sequel to Walking with Bob, directed by Charles Martin Smith and starring Luke Treadaway and Paul Sharma.
Chick Fight: A competitive comedy directed by Paul Leyden, starring Bella Thorne and Malin Akerman.

MAY 19th
The hero of two worlds: Chinese-made fantasy action, directed by Yang Lun and starring Mi Yang and Hewei Yu.
The Fanatic: Thriller directed by Fred Durst starring John Travolta.
What you don’t see: Thor Freudenthal directs a captivating and original teen-drama on the theme of schizophrenia, dramatic, ironic and visionary at the same time.
Aniara – Rotta su Marte: Sci-fi drama directed by Pella Kagerman and Hugo Lilja, starring Emilie Jonsson and Bianca Cruzeiro.

Play or Die – Play or die: Belgian Horror directed by Jacques Kluger, starring Charley Palmer Merkell and Roxane Mesquida.
Redcon 1 – Army of the dead: Zombie-movie directed by Chee Keong Cheung, starring Oris Erhuero and Carlos Gallardo.

MAY 26
Shorta: Danish action-movie directed by Anders Olholm, starring Jacob Lohmann and Simon Sears.
Dune Drifter: Science fiction film directed by Marc Price, starring Phoebe Sparrow and Daisy Aitkens.
My Spy: The director of The other dirty last destination e Agent Smart returns to action comedy with a babysitting movie all built around Dave Bautista.
The ritual of the witches: Zoe Lister-Jones approaches a cult of the 90s and creates a version of it that is the daughter of modern teen drama and the #MeToo era.
Shrek – 20th anniversary edition: The adventures of the beloved ogre finally at their peak.
Animal House: The great classic of comedy directed by John Landis arrives in 4K Ultra HD.
The sting: The great classic arrives in 4K Ultra HD with Paul Newman and Robert Redford.

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