"The Disney image is wrong for kids, that's why I abandoned it"

Bella Throne in a recent interview she lashed out at the Disney system and its continuous exploitation of young kids for its products, subjecting them to media and psychological pressure defined as "wrong" by the actress who for years was part of those same family products . Here's what he told Fox News.

"There is certainly a lot of pressure on Disney to be this perfect. And this is where I think Disney is wrong, just because they make their little boys look so perfect. That image is very difficult to sustain. Besides, he never represented me. I've always wanted to do what others didn't".

Thorne owes her success and popularity to the Disney Channel series Shake It Up which featured her starring alongside Zendaya and said that children need to see more realistic models of life so they can learn something from life. "Growing kids don't need to see perfect people. They need to see what is real. They have to see diversity, what intrigues them the most".

Since leaving Disney, Bella Thorne has set a new record on OnlyFans has officially earned over $ 1 million from his membership revenue to the platform in just 24 hours from the debut of your account. Reporting this was the company itself, which also reported that after the first 24 hours, Thorne's earnings jumped to around $ 2 million. The model uses OnlyFans to share personal content such as never-before-seen photos and videos, available only to paying subscribers. According to her reps, Thorne also responds to all direct messages from her followers on OnlyFans. As you can see at the bottom of the article, however, Bella Thorne has warned fans: there are no nude photos on her OnlyFans profile.

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