The Eternals, Harish Patel talks about his mysterious role: “You’ve already seen it all”

Also thanks to the Academy Award won by the director Chloé Zhao, The Eternals is one of the most anticipated future films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To feed the curiosity of the fans is also the aura of mystery that continues to surround him, given the almost total absence up to this moment of details on the plot.

The first images, in addition to having revealed a big change in The Eternals compared to the comics, showed a mysterious character, a cameraman played by Harish patel, who in one scene drags his equipment into a wooded area where the group of protagonists is gathered, and subsequently holds a video camera and shoot a movie.

What role will that cameraman play in the storyline of The Eternals? Harish Patel teased a little something in a recent interview with Pink Villa. The actor, in truth, remained vague, revealing:

“Whatever you saw of me in the teaser, my role it starts there and ends there.”

If he tells the truth, the character will be a rather marginal supporting actor, but after all, if his role were more important, probably Harish Patel would not be authorized to talk more widely. We can imagine that the cameraman is somehow related to Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani), a Bollywood movie star, and who could document his journey with the rest of the Eternals.

The film of Chloe Zhao it may not remain unique in the MCU: according to some rumors, in fact, i Marvel Studios they would already be working on the sequel to The Eternals.

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