“The strangest I’ve ever done”

Seth Rogen previously auditioned to play Eminem’s sidekick on 8 Mile, though it didn’t go very well. In his new book, ‘Yearbook’, the actor has indeed described that experience as “the strangest audition I’ve ever attended”.

Rogen auditioned along with colleague and friend Jason Segel (How i Met Your Mother), and it was his presence that influenced the behavior of both: “I started laughing hysterically. And so did Jason. We literally couldn’t get through the audition. As soon as one of us started the scene, the other burst out laughing. It was such a stupid situation we couldn’t stop. . We finally apologized, but we both had tears in our eyes. “

The two obviously failed to get the part, but apparently these situations they happen more often than we imagine. “Auditions are often awkward. Add the fact that one of my best friends is watching me rehearsing and we’re both there to play a Detroit rapper, which we couldn’t have been less suitable for,” added Rogen.

For more news, Rogen recently revealed that he no longer wants to work with James Franco.

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