Todd Phillips breaks up Arthur's ambiguities in Joker


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Much of the world has already been able to see "Joker", And we can also see in our group criticism, so now we continue to explore that later stage in which the director and the others involved break down all the details of the film. In a recent interview, Todd Phillips has explored the end of the tape and what does that mean for this peculiar Elseworlds He has built.

To start, Phillips reiterates that this is a movie “Which requires some participation by the audience. It is up to you to decide how you want to interpret and experience it. It is more that you are presented with some possibilities than that presented with some facts ”.

We warn of SPOILERS! from the DC villain movie.

The film intentionally plays ambiguity with some themes such as Arthur's origin, but it is possible that the whole film is nothing more than a hallucination of himself, since it is established very early that he was locked in Arkham but without clarifying why . Phillips says they never discussed that in depth:

We never talk about this myself, Scott (Silver, the screenwriter) and Joaquin (Phoenix). I never meant "He is a narcicist and this and that" and he didn't want Joaquin as an actor investigating that kind of thing either. We just said "Not well" And I don't even know if he's mentally ill. It just doesn't do well in this life.

However, the director admits the interpretations in which he doubts whether the history of the film really happens or not:

There are many ways to watch this movie. You could say that it is just one of many stories and that none happened. I don't want to say so, but many people who have seen the movie have said “Oh, I get it, he has invented everything. The whole movie is a joke. Try this guy locked in Arkham. It may not even be the Joker ”.

In case Arthur Fleck is not the Joker … who would it be? One possibility that could be accepted is that it is one among the crowd that Arthur inspires throughout the film. As with other themes, Phillips plays ambiguity and remembers that the last line of the film is "You wouldn't catch it".

However, whether one thing or the other, by Phillips and Phoenix we will not see this version of the Joker, that of Arthur Fleck, face Batman at any time.

Finally, Phillips points out that the only real laugh we hear in the whole movie happens in the final scene where he is locked in Arkham.

That is the only time he really laughs. There are different laughs throughout the movie: you have the one about your illness and you have the fake one that you use to "Be one more", which is my favorite. In the end, when he is at Arkham State Hospital, that is his only real laugh.

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