Tom Hanks makes war again in a fierce Atlantic battle

Despite the fact that it is the most extensive military campaign in the Second World War, the Battle of the atlantic, a maritime conflict that spanned six years, has almost always been ignored in the seventh art by other battles of greater dramatic and visual impact.

That changes now with Greyhound, a naval adventure that occurs entirely inside the destroyer ship USS Keeling, led by the Commander Ernest Krause, who must steer 37 allied ships across the North Atlantic while being chased by German submarines.

In just an hour and a half, Tom Hanks, who stars in and writes the film, will discover the inner strength of his character to succeed in this suicidal and adrenaline-fueled mission.

I know that it is common for me to deal with World War II themes in my films, but I have always done it from different points of view or war conflicts, I never touch the same event twice. That's because I like to learn new things about topics that interest me. That enriches me.

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However, in the end, it all has to do with people, the human beings I play. Every time I get involved in a project, my decisions are based on the strength of the character and the environment that surrounds him, "Hanks acknowledges in an interview via video call.

"Greyhound" will premiere on one of the streaming services

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Based on the novel "The Good Sheperd"by C.S. Forester, and directed by Aaron Schneider (Get Low), the film features a very diverse cast that includes British Stephen Graham, Mexican Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and African-American Rob Morgan.

They are all part of the crew commanded by Krause (Hanks), who, for a couple of days, will have to fight against the elements of the ocean, the darkness, the frigid winter weather and the uncertainty of making their debut in a war conflict without precedents.

When I read C.S. Forester, I felt that he was very familiar to me, that he knew something of that history. I have also played several captains before, so it came as a ring to my finger, "says the actor, known for his roles in Rescuing Private Ryan and Captain Phillips.

Tom Hanks, who stars in and writes the film in the new movie "Greyhound." AP

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What had never happened to me was having a story told from inside the character's head. Krause is someone whose mind is working a thousand percent at all times, and that was fascinating to me, plus I learned a lot of things I didn't know about from this battle. "

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Tinted with a stressful musical score, courtesy of Blake Neely, and a staging where the fine line between reality and fiction fades, Greyhound promises to keep the viewer on the edge of his seat. At least that's how the Oscar winner considers it.

Something that challenged me a lot was the cinematographic aspect, how to approach this story in a totally visceral and physical way, without having to use cheesy dialogue, explain for free what is happening and rather appeal to the attention and intelligence of the audience "he points out.

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Originally planned to open in theaters, but postponed following the pandemic, the film will finally be released on Friday by Apple TV +, which bought Sony Pictures the worldwide distribution rights to the film for $ 70 million (the film cost 50.3 million).

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