Video Kurt Cobain was silenced, Anonymous assures his departure was provoked

One more is added to the list, because apparently like Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain was silenced by knowing too much about the human trafficking network, thus ensuring that you really he did not kill himself.

The world is going through one of the most tragic in the last decades, because thanks to cyber justice Quite puzzling cases have been reported.

Among the things they have exposed is a celebrity list which they allegedly were silenced knowing too much, among them are Avicii, Paul Walker, Michael Jackson, Chris Cornell, Princess Diana, among others.

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This is where they point out that the causes of failures actually were not caused by themselvesThey were killed after discovering a network of child abuse.

That is why it is said that once they discovered what was being done they were silenced to say absolutely nothing.

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Now they have gone viral a video where according to users on social networks Kurt knew more about the network human trafficking and having knowledge of it in reality he did not kill himself but someone else did it.

Given this, it is speculated that the cause of his death was his wife. Courtney Love because she appears in the list Of the people who were related to human trafficking, that is why he, knowing too much about it, decided to end his life in that way.

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It should be noted that many of the fans of this incredible musician since it was known about his departure began the rumors that he had not committed something like this, so this only made them enter more assumptions, theories and rumors regarding what actually happened.

These past few days after Anonymous's return has certainly had with the spiky hairs to millions of people, because they are extremely delicate subjects that have surprised many people.

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Entrepreneurs, actors, musicians, very important people in various industries are involved in things that were never thought, concluding that nobody is as it seems.

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