Where does Monica Bellucci live now? In the life of the Italian superdiva

Monica Bellucci is undoubtedly one of the icons of our cinema of the last 30 years: the Malèna star has been able to conquer Italy and the whole world thanks to her eternal beauty and to some roles that have remained in the collective imagination, including the one played in the famous film by Giuseppe Tornatore.

But our Monica has often been talked about also for the his private life, in particular for the marriage with his colleague Vincent Cassel: a love, the one between the two actors, born on the set of L’Appartamento and crowned on the altar in 1999, before ending (officially by mutual agreement) 14 years later, in 2013.

France, however, remained in the heart of Bellucci, which still today lives in Paris in the company of his daughter Léonie and Deva, with the latter commuting between the French capital and Brazil, where his father Vincent Cassel lives with his new partner.

An international dimension that, however, has never made Italy forget its star: it is no coincidence that in the next few days Monica Bellucci will receive the David Speciale 2021 at the David di Donatello, thus crowning a career never stingy with success and satisfaction. The actress, we recall, had already been nominated for David in 2003 for Remember Me, by Gabriele Muccino.

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