why is he still obsessed with Batman and Brad Pitt?

George Clooney today turned 60 years round and round and to celebrate this anniversary the actor has pleasantly teased himself in a parody video in which he targeted his obsessions: above all, those for Batman, played in the infamous Batman & Robin when he was still at the beginning of his career, and for … Brad Pitt!!

The movie is an advertisement made by Omaze, a platform that raises funds for the most diverse causes and which in turn offers donors unique experiences. In this case, the sponsored cause is the Clooney foundation, which is Justice through grants from Charities Aid Foundation America. In the video, very parodic, Clooney talks about how he spent the last year of the pandemic with some roommates with whom they are now best friends, the video then moves on to the roommates who are asked what it is like to live with Clooney.

These, therefore, do not really recommend coexistence with the actor. He never leaves the house, he goes on Craigslist all the time. So let’s see Clooney with the action figure inspired by his Batman: “Seven dollars! Can you believe it? Sure it’s not the one with the nipples, but still … not bad!”. Then we enter Clooney’s dormitory which appears to be upholstered with Brad Pitt custom merchandise. We see Clooney with the pillow of his idol in his hand: “Do you believe that some idiot threw it away?”. So we see Clooney continuing to pester his roommate in many ways, even during an important job interview.

We recently saw George Clooney in The Midnight Sky film he directed and starred in for Netflix; we will see him again as director with The Tender Bar which will be produced by Amazon Studios: protagonists Ben Affleck and Tye Sheridan.

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